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Richard Dawson proposes to 21 year old on set

Richard Dawson proposes to a 21 year old on the set in 1980(her answer). Dawson ultimately married a contestant(Gretchen Johnson) and they are still together to this day.
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25 Responses to “Richard Dawson proposes to 21 year old on set”

  1. snoops71 says:

    @Theonegamefreak Whatever it was, I loved the kissing.

  2. Theonegamefreak says:

    @snoops71 What.

    No, It’s because he’s British.

  3. snoops71 says:

    @Theonegamefreak You mean Richard’s stylye, kissing all the women? To me, I never saw what the big deal was, and still don’t. If you look at a good 90% of the women in question, they wanted to be kissed. They liked it.

  4. Theonegamefreak says:

    @snoops71 It was acceptable in the 80′s.

  5. ff2paladin says:

    Norma is HOT!!!!

  6. bream34 says:

    @mightydyckerson …Just stict it to ugly black bitch`s you ratbastard nigga…..

  7. milacrzy says:

    wow u r kidding rite ?

  8. t1ngley says:

    Notice how classy the young woman is dressed in this clip. She doesn’t look like a hooker the way women dress these days.

  9. lordmaldad says:

    You say Drew Carey I say Bob Barker
    You say Meredith Vieira I say Gene Rayburn
    You say Jeff Foxworthy I say Richard Dawson
    You say Ben Bailey I say Ray Combs
    You say Ryan Seacrest I say Dick Clark

    95% of teens these days watch the same crappy game shows over and over. if your one of the 5%? left who still watch real game shows, thumb this up, then copy and paste it to at least 5 video’s. DONT LET THE SPIRIT OF GAME SHOWS DIE

  10. TheFatCampCrew says:

    He is a sick. fucking. pervert.

  11. mightydyckerson says:

    I’d like to ram it in her ass myself.

  12. elfhermie says:

    Best Family Feud host of all time and the reason the show rocked back in the day.

  13. xtracool32 says:

    Dawson was too in love with himself.

  14. A86 says:

    Well, she is 21. She’s legal.

  15. burseyb says:

    I feel sorry for the guy.

  16. emmb514 says:

    do you have the rest of this episode anywhere?

  17. IndianaNature says:

    What a horndog…but that’s why I liked him so much. At 48 if he can tag some 21 year old, more power to him!!!

  18. 701068 says:

    dirty old bastard!

  19. bigblubox says:

    Barney Barney Barney!

  20. thewhitetroll says:

    Like this if Barney Stinson brought you here ;-)

  21. baloon2510 says:


  22. TroyOi says:

    Dawson was a serial proposer… but I think he was just in it for the rice.

  23. 1madDogz says:

    She looks older not 21.

  24. TheLpdo says:

    @PLISKEN12 he probably was, but he never acted on that urge. He controlled himself, so who cares what he thinks. By the way, it has been a pleasure arguing with u.

  25. PLISKEN12 says:

    @TheLpdo yeah but do u know if he’s turned on or not? what do u think.? he’s a man u know. come on esp if the girl is cute. come on.

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