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Richard Dawson ass-grabbing fast money Family Feud? 1980

Richard Dawson ass-grabbing fast money Family Feud? 1980
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25 Responses to “Richard Dawson ass-grabbing fast money Family Feud? 1980”

  1. AgaMbadi says:

    I learned how to be a real man by watching Richard Dawson.

  2. MrScr3wy says:

    She fucked him after. You know it.

  3. naturalhairedhoney says:


  4. brownsuga1212 says:

    feeling up starts at 1:47

  5. d00m0racl3 says:

    @JABShocker jealous much? LOL

  6. kami243n says:

    @TheSyntaxOverride wow.. really? whore? nice touch.. one problem i dont have sex.. so fail honey.. and they.. those idiots on my channel.. are trolls who cant come up with anything better to do than go after those who try to help anyone willing to listen.. you dont wanna listen fine darling but dont insult someone because you were proven stupid.. makes you look like a fkn asshole on top of stupid.. you can always learn but you will always be an asshole ;D

  7. TheSyntaxOverride says:

    @kami243n Look at the comments on your channel. I’m not the only one who thinks you’re the actual dumbass here, creepy canadian whore

  8. kami243n says:

    @TheSyntaxOverride wrong.. but i dont have the patience or the time to sit and explain why to someone who obviously just wants to be a troll on a website darling.. if you really care you’d know they are one and same fkn sign darling.. the ily sign means devil sign moron.. go do some real research if you wanna validate your statement or you just come off looking… i wont say it.. and by2011 if you have not seen what is happening then your a loss anyway. gl honey really mean that

  9. TheSyntaxOverride says:

    @kami243n I don’t care what the illuminati sign is.  The discussion was “devil sign” vs love sign. Illunminati sign does not equal devil sign. Invalid argument

  10. kami243n says:

    @TheSyntaxOverride actually that ilu hand sign is a illuminati hand signal honey look it up

  11. thedaddy670 says:

    That snuggie advert is horible

  12. TisjeboyDavid says:

    Surprised Snuggie

  13. iiAnferny says:

    @bboyliving cuz he’s Richard Motha Fuckin Dawson!!

  14. SmellyCatSally says:

    @Vergon3256 And it always seemed so natural. How the hell did they do it?

  15. Vergon3256 says:

    Bitches were much skinnier back then

  16. Vergon3256 says:

    Horny fucking bastard

  17. jeprice08 says:

    @lucasboden I hate to disagree with you, but I think there was. Maybe it wasn’t in the news as much as it is now or maybe they had another name for it, but I think that in the 80s and even before that, it existed. The old saying is true: There’s nothing new under the sun.

  18. andyandnick says:

    Wheres the ass grab?

  19. TheSyntaxOverride says:

    @Lvduggo69 Actually, it WAS the “i love you” sign which is with the index and pinky fingers extended, the middle and ring fingers down, and the thumb out. The “devil sign” is with the thumb on top of the middle and ring fingers instead, which is not what he was doing.

  20. MusicFreakChizo says:


  21. spewgilist says:

    I’d grab her too – she’s hot – some kind of phillipina amazon

  22. lucasboden says:

    @bboyliving – Because in the 80s there was no such thing as sexual harrassment. Love the 80s.

  23. hank1972 says:

    What you think the odds are that she spent some quality time with “Dick” in the dressing room?

  24. JABShocker says:

    Richard Dawson is a drunk slut.

  25. thane9 says:

    What’s with the epic fem-mullet at 1:00. Whoa…

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