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Rich Little roasts Lucille Ball

Dean Martin Roast
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11 Responses to “Rich Little roasts Lucille Ball”

  1. rachelazw says:

    @JiuClaw22 , Rich Little, Ruth Buzzi, and Phyllis Diller are still alive.

  2. BlakeMason2 says:

    The Johnny Carson impression was fantastic.

  3. JiuClaw22 says:

    its sad all these people are dead.

  4. davisismail1comcast says:

    @bhkidd LOL,That was a good one my friend, I figured that one out myself some years ago,although i can’t say exactly when LoL.

  5. linda1067 says:

    All of them or most of them are dead, they were the best comediants ever.

  6. Blackjesus3 says:

    @bhkidd yupp u got that right and nice dots

  7. bhkidd says:

    Even though we all know now that Paul Lynde had no desire to baste Lucille or any other woman. Dean and Gale Gordon on the other hand…………..

  8. Blackjesus3 says:


  9. Blackjesus3 says:

    yup it was me

  10. bookishmuch says:

    his Rockefeller sounds like the chief elf from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, hahaha

  11. johnhamilton08 says:

    Now I know who inspired Ryan Stiles lol

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