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Revealed: Toosh by Steve Haynes free download

The Effect
The performer draws a couple doodles on two enterprise cards (say an x and a smiley face) and has a spectator sign both. Even though they are sitting, the performer really clearly and openly shows both signed cards (really only two cards!) and then openly shows the signed smiley face and places it in the spectators and places the x signed card in his pocket.

The performers hands are totally empty as he snaps his finger,then has the spectator turn the card their holding face up which they find is now their signed x card which without a doubt, they saw you location in your pocket! With no hesitation, the performer ask the spectator to stand up and they uncover they are now sitting on their signed smiley face, that without a doubt was clearly in their hands just moments ago!

&gt&gt&gtRevealed: Toosh by Steve Haynes totally free download-click here

Toosh is a test conditions, point blank blow to the spectators mind and due to the fact of how open and fair every little thing is, the spectator can clearly don’t forget every single detail with not one single questionable moment!

The Toosh gimmick enables you to perform the most impossible signed card to impossible location, modifications and transpositions, in the most open and fair way probable!

Toosh does not use conventional techniques, such as double lifts, holding far more cards than it appears, false signatures and such, but uses a self contained multi functional gimmick (some fast and easy assembly required) that will last a quite lengthy time and can be utilized with playing cards as well.

Drawings Limited only by your imagination!

SUPER Effortless!
(make the genuine signed cards appear nearly anywhere!).
A number of applications are covered and you will see how straightforward, practical and potent Toosh genuinely is!

Here is some of what you will discover on this DVD.

Toosh (signed card under a seated spectator!)
TIC-TAC-DOUGH  (two signed business cards and a dollar bill come together for a multi phase routine, such as
penetrations, transpositions, appearances and a signed card to impossible location!
RED/BLACK ACE TRANSPO (both cards can be signed and only uses two cards!)
ROYAL PREDICTION (predict in advance 1 out of twenty royal flush cards that will be named!).
Gimmicks and a wallet for your organization or playing cards are included (some extremely fast and simple assembly required).

My Review
I was speachless when i saw what could Truly be completed with this when i first watched the DVD.

The demo and reading the add says alot but this is the sort of factor that you get it and it is even better than it sounds.

This is sooooo effortless and it instantly resets and you start off and end clean.

In the add it says the spectator can keep in mind every little thing without having a single questionable moment and it is true!

This is by far the most remarkable thing making use of the spectators own signature that i beleive is achievable.

Each and every factor just works so nicely and the effect is so direct and clean i just can’t get over how clever this actually is.

I have performed this in front of other people that have already seen me do it and it blows them away even more since of how open and fair everything actually is.

&gt&gt&gtRevealed: Toosh by Steve Haynes free of charge download-click here

This is a case where a item came out and was not way over hyped and instead got me even much more hyped when i learned it.

This does something that absolutely nothing else on the market does but wishes it could!


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