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Return to Peyton Place

Return to Peyton Place

Carol Lynley stars as Allison, whose book about her neighbors at Peyton Place creates problems for her family. Tuesday Weld, Jeff Chandler co-star.

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5 Responses to “Return to Peyton Place”

  1. gobirds2 says:

    Review by gobirds2 for Return to Peyton Place
    This is an interesting sequel from the point of view that none of the cast from Peyton Place reprise their roles and the time period seems to have been moved up 10 or 15 years without the principal characters aging. This film retains the feel of the original in some of the scenes (especially behind the credits where many of the pastoral New England shots from the original were used), but it has a back lot studio look about it in other scenes. Unlike the original, a good portion of this story takes place in New York City as it revolves its focus amongst the pairs of main characters. The story is standard soap opera material, yet it does not fail to entertain thanks to fine performances from a menacing Mary Astor, a charming and gracious Jeff Chandler and a noble Robert Sterling. Not to its detriment nor benefit, the main characters of this piece consist of the film’s younger cast members who’s performances are just standard with the exception of Tuesday Weld. However, the film benefits from beautiful color photography and Franz Waxman’s reworking of his original Peyton Place score, which is in stereo on this VHS copy.

  2. Lucy Crawford says:

    Review by Lucy Crawford for Return to Peyton Place
    It isn’t mandatory that you watch Peyton Place before Return To Peyton Place as the actors are different and some of the characters did not reappear in the sequel. I watched both back to back and Return To… was just as glossy, trashy and colourfully slick as its predecessor. With a story like this, taking place in a small town full of characters, there are more than enough stories to interweave. The audio commentary of Sylvia Stoddard is a great supplement to this dvd. (see also The Best of Everything) She related stories about Tuesday Weld, Mary Astor and Grace Metalious among many others. This is a well-produced melodrama and I recommend it on that basis.

  3. M. Hencke says:

    Review by M. Hencke for Return to Peyton Place
    I found this film to be a perfect sequel to the original film and in many respects it is much better. Jeff Chandler is excellent in the role of the publisher as is Carol Lynley as the writer. It would be difficult to appreciate this film not having seen the original though. So definitely see that one first. The cinematography is good and the writing was well done. If you’re into melodramas from the fifties and sixties like Back Street and Imitation Of Life then you are sure to enjoy this one.

  4. Terrence E. Berndt says:

    Review by Terrence E. Berndt for Return to Peyton Place
    I liked this movie! And here’s why: It’s an exciting film whose content centers around a first-time novelist from a small New England town, a new trip to the big city (New York), and the whirl wind business of book publishing. Carol Lynley stars as the young writer Allison MacKenzie who works with Lewis Jackman(played by Jeff Chandler), a married head of the book firm in the Big Apple of the early 60′s. Context really comes into play here, as a variety of top stars end up influencing each other, and Allison herself, who ends up with feelings for Lewis, as well as some she has never experienced before. The beautiful seasons of autumn and winter add to the nostalgic imagery of this movie in the northern states and the hustle and bustle of New York. With the introduction of Allison’s new book to the world, she sets the literary world on fire, as well as the people she knows and loves in her own small New England town! Related items would be the first movie Peyton Place(B&W)and the book of the same name by Grace Metallious. While the first movie and the book were good, Return to Peyton Place holds it’s own and is even better.

  5. Nelson Aspen says:

    Review by Nelson Aspen for Return to Peyton Place
    Okay, so it is VERY different from the original PEYTON PLACE, but so was the book! Carol Lynley and Tuesday Weld are gorgeous, adorable and totally enjoyable. Eleanor Parker and Mary Astor are campier than a couple of drag queens. It is kitschy, early 60s soap opera at is best. This should be playing in revival houses as a double bill with the original. Watch for Bob Crane in a cameo role as a talk show sidekick.

    Enjoyable commentary by film historian, original theatrical trailer and 2 short movie-tone news reels are fun special features, but it’s a pity that Lynley wasn’t invited to do a track with her own remembrances…she has great anecdotes!

    Beautifully preserved soap fest, best when viewed as a double feature with the original PEYTON PLACE.

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