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Reggie Perrin clips

A couple of classic Perrin moments. With a clip of Ronnie Barker at the start.

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25 Responses to “Reggie Perrin clips”

  1. gamewizard says:

    3 people are papist rapists.

  2. 7777blues says:

    @havermeister where are the out takes??

  3. meldrew78 says:

    Can one of you Brits post The Legacy of Reginald Perrin on here? We don’t have it on dvd here in the states but I know it is out on Region 2. Cheers!

  4. raahead says:

    “forces of anarchy, wreckers of law and order”. Best sitcom ever.

  5. i2ghost34 says:

    @vai2501 Thank god some one said that. it was really annoying me all these people talking about how crap the BBC is being with the remake

  6. moses7518 says:

    Dating a sexy wife who is alone **

  7. jimmywires500 says:

    Why do the BBC never show the original show since I have never seen a whole episode. I saw it advertised on the tv & I got excited until I realized it was the new one. Why can’t they repeat the originals rather than inundate us with third-rate remakes?

  8. Vortex42 says:

    … I didn’t get where you are today!

  9. Vortex42 says:

    @jimmywires500 : I think that covers it. Clunes version is unobtrusive, and all very well, but it will never touch Leonard Rossiter.

  10. 3replybiz says:

    The remake was so BAD & so LAME that I had to go to A&E to have my buttocks unclenched. The BBC is finished. I just want them to sack that fat Welshman who reads the news.

  11. TheWhupper says:

    Rapists, papists, Papist Rapists.

    Brilliant. There’s a bloke near us talks just like Jimmy, Chairman of the local Conservatives.

  12. massage1 says:

    one of the best British sit coms … ever

  13. MoscowMaestro says:

    There’s a new remake of Jimmy – his name is Nick Griffin.

  14. vai2501 says:

    it wasn’t bullshite, it was just different. i liked it because i found it more realistic. im fed up of this “the first was the best” crap. it’s not always the case. i think that they were both good, just in different ways

  15. tonywhiting2008 says:

    new one bullshite!

  16. cuuldude1 says:

    I like the new one!

  17. dutchtrucker says:

    Well said! I gave it 10mins on iplayer, utter crap. Leonard rules…

  18. theholygoes says:

    I think the BBC remake was really good ;o)

  19. jimmywires500 says:

    leonard rossiter=comic genius, Martin Clunes=good comic actor

  20. amigiac says:

    The new one is faster paced, the older one is just annoyingly painfully slow.

  21. bryemycaz says:

    His names John Barron. He was in a few episodes of Yes Minister. but CJ is his most famous role

  22. wendypoppins says:

    The new version has yet to make me laugh

  23. havermeister says:

    I didn’t get where I am today by doing third rate remakes of classic sitcoms. Neither Mrs CJ nor I have ever done a third rate remake of a classic sitcom.

  24. cocteaufan says:

    cock up on the writing front

  25. DaMuttzNutz says:

    I didn’t get where I am today without knowing a bad script when I see one

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