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Red Skelton–What’s My Line?

Red Skelton on What’s My Line having a little fun with Fred Allen. Episode originally aired on 26 September 1954.

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25 Responses to “Red Skelton–What’s My Line?”

  1. LovinLifeNow23 says:

    I’ve loved red ever since i was in 3rd grade, 5 years ago. I dressed up in an awesome costume as Freddie the freeloader in 4th grade. I picked him for a project in school where we had to pick a famous person from Indiana and dress up as them in a living wax museum. Red is the best!

  2. keatsfoxlore7 says:

    omg….all you younger generations, I love that you know Red Skelton. When he died I was just beginning middle school. When my parents found out, they were inspired to get a few of his videos for me to watch. I’ve been hooked ever since. He is, and always will be, my favourite comedian. Praise you all for speaking no ill of Red Skelton, America’s #1 Clown.

  3. zildj1an says:

    Red Skelton…a decent, patriotic, funny man. Truly was a national treasure.

  4. karlakor says:

    @Xeuvious Groucho Marx said in an interview that anybody can say something dirty and get a laugh. He then added the challenge, “Say something clean and get a laugh. That requires a comedian”. The comedians of that era were far more resourceful than those of today, and they got good, honest laughs.

  5. SIMPFANN says:

    @MadsNoble You mean you’re only 14 and you know who Red Skelton is?? That warms my heart- thank God the classic comedians are being kept alive.

  6. Cyene says:

    i ♥ Red Skelton.

  7. MadsNoble says:

    We have Red…People now have Pink. Red is cooler!

  8. MadsNoble says:

    We have Red…People now have Pink. red is cooler!

  9. MadsNoble says:

    @imsixftsix Red Died when I was 1. I feel your pain.

  10. radconserv86 says:

    @Floatie114 My brother called his son, “Willy lump lump” after he fell and cut his tongue. I had no idea that was from Red S! Thanks.

  11. radconserv86 says:

    @xander7ful check out Brian Regan. He doesn’t use any swears in his comedy and is very funny.

  12. radconserv86 says:

    He was such a nice man. I always remember, “Good night and may God bless!”

  13. imsixftsix says:

    I grew up watching Red Skelton on TV. This episode was presented 2 months before I was born. I wish I could have known the comedy of Fred Allen but, he died when I was 2.

  14. Xeuvious says:

    Red and a few other of the so-called “old-time comedians” can do what very few modern comedians can…. Tell a story that will have you laughing until your sides ache without uttering one profanity. *THAT* my friends, is TALENT!

  15. 19tc85 says:

    “Yes, I have stolen quite a bit of your material”. Freds reaction to that was legendary.

  16. mxylpx says:

    Gee…. I wish I was 16……again. Nice to hear that Red is appreciated and again thx for posting this with Fred Allen! Great show.

  17. sheldon237 says:

    @rawkCORE I couldn’t agree with you more. I too am sixteen and am always looking back to this era finding inspiration for many modern day comedians. This was the golden age of comedy where originality and friendly jabs filled the air waves and television screens. Truly, some of the greatest comics and also Americans prospered in this time.

  18. TheWindowsComputer says:

    He is my great uncle! :) too bad he died before I could visit him :(

  19. junkey55 says:

    @rawkCORE you know im 16 as well and i have to completely agree Dane Cook aint got nothing on Red

  20. riker17 says:

    Among the top five greatest comedians of all time!

  21. lovepink70 says:

    I love his dimples!!!

  22. lovepink70 says:

    @xander7ful i lyk his better than Lizzy’s

  23. xander7ful says:

    @mayln163 I think his Daly voice is the best mystery guest voice on WML, second only to Elizabeth Taylor’s squeaky Kansas voice.

  24. xander7ful says:

    @Lennon4life1968 I don’t know if there are any clean, funny people like him. I think Sinbad is similar, but I don’t know.

  25. MrSaxman77 says:

    Red always seemed kinda mean to me. I always preferred Jack Benny. When the jokes stunk on Red’s show you seemed to get the idea he was gonna chew out the writers whereas Benny made light of bad jokes and you’d laugh at it. Fred Allen was also great at it too.

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