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Red Skelton – Guzzler’s Gin – Shvooooooooo!

Red Skelton’s Guzzler’s Gin sketch, from 1943. He was a comedian, a very long time ago. This still cracks me up. Shvoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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25 Responses to “Red Skelton – Guzzler’s Gin – Shvooooooooo!”

  1. MadsNoble says:

    Just watching him, I bet it is fun to play drunk.

  2. believe1010 says:

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  3. auLeLei24 says:

    Red’s comedic genius was one of a kind! He is sorely missed!!

  4. MrJavanaut says:

    @MadsNoble The first few shows started broadcasting color in late 1964. In 1965, they started making all the new shows in color. If you’ve seen re-runs of “Bewitched”, you will notice just the first year (1964) was in black & white.

  5. MadsNoble says:

    I am just wondering, what year did color tv start?

  6. sulcatatortoise says:

    There goes my nails.

  7. phononut says:

    @JohnnyContagious Run along little troll.

  8. JohnnyContagious says:

    It is inconceivable how anybody found this talentless fuck even remotely amusing. I’m sure the morons at Republican fundraisers fell about laughing at Red’s ‘hilarious’ antics. I’d rather stick needles in my eyes than listen to any more of this utter, utter drivel.

  9. Jaykanu says:

    Mister, Mister, uh…Subpoena! *double take*

  10. kil2gore says:

    @tuxguys, Great description. My father turned me on to Vaudeville and the comedians and famous actors from their day. Physical humor like this or Dick Van Dyke, or many of the Vaudeville acts involved this. Thanks!

  11. tuxguys says:

    This may be Skelton’s signature piece, and it’s a masterpiece. Even Carson would cite it on occasion (‘Smooooooooooooooth!”), and assume that everyone, or at least the very hip, would get the reference.

  12. Omnignosis says:

    WTF? You have assbergers for cinema history or somthing? Lol.

  13. girlbill64 says:

    Classic Clean Humor.. what we need more of today!

  14. Jallulah says:

    ha. they used to have radio shows b4 tv!!

  15. auuggghhh says:

    shvoo? he’s saying smooth!
    Cause that was the whole idea with the drink, “smooth!”

  16. RayDiTutto66 says:

    I love his facial expressions. lol. XD

  17. imolderthanu2 says:

    in the forties, not everyone had Television and thus, a lot of shows were also broad-casted on radios.

  18. twinstarace420 says:

    dont need a chaser nothing can catch it lmao

  19. CaptainBugg says:

    And Jeff Dunham’s Peanut character just whizzed his hand over his head…

  20. tkhering says:

    Notice the Blooper at the beginning? This is introduced as a Television show, but Red immediately tells Mama to come close to the “radio.”

  21. KillerKabel says:

    Physical humor?

    Non-violent, physical humor?

    Holy shit!

  22. Jimkaider says:

    Epic hat flip.

  23. wmbrown6 says:

    In addition, the “Garter” poem was rehashed by Benny Hill in his March 5, 1980 “Court Jester” sketch, with the second line changed a bit to “They cost me one-and-ten,” and the last modified to “I shan’ t see them again!”

  24. MyREDTAIL says:

    Iv’e been looking for this clip for years I rember seeing Red do this skit on his live tv show when I was growing up, it’s a classic by a genius, thanks for posting & me finding a good memory of comedy from my childhood days RIP Red we miss you

  25. drummerman31 says:

    Good clean fun comedy. Red was nothing short of a genious. I’m sure he’s keeping them laughing in Heaven.

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