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Red Skelton – Guzzler’s Gin – Shvooooooooo!

Red Skelton’s Guzzler’s Gin sketch, from 1943. He was a comedian, a extremely lengthy time ago. This still cracks me up. Shvoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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25 Responses to “Red Skelton – Guzzler’s Gin – Shvooooooooo!”

  1. JDWorldshaker says:

    @SecretSuetSlinger Actually to me, seeing him make the transformation in between characters is priceless. What a quick mind and command of motion he had!

  2. ReviewsByErik says:

    Jackass > Red Skelton

  3. ajdarksider says:

    red skelton is my great great uncle realy i swear

  4. Deppaddicted says:

    God, I love Red. :D

  5. ChrisW164 says:

    Wow. Just… wow.

  6. zqxwce92 says:

    Algy saw a bear, the bear saw Algy, the bear was bulgy, the bulge was Algy.

  7. anthonyrothwell says:

    My grandfather has Red’s 1980 Cadillac De Ville, Very nice car.

  8. ynnad166 says:

    I think he should had a audience I’n the back ground .

  9. SecretSuetSlinger says:

    I think it would have been even better if he’d walked off camera each time he turned his hat over and swapped characters… but that’s not how he did it on stage.

  10. SecretSuetSlinger says:

    Of course this is from The Ziegfeld Follies! And you’re all right about Lucy’s Vitameatavegamin!

    I know he says smooth and not “Shvooo” but it sounds like shvoooo at the end.

  11. alixinthemiddle says:

    “it doesn’t need a chaser! nothing could catch it!”

  12. ynnad166 says:

    5 Stars everyone love Red, we miss hi
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  13. cedarridgefarms1 says:

    not to be rude… but I believe the uploaders Title should be Smmoooooth and not shvooooooooo

  14. bryanguy1 says:

    lol i actually enjoyed that had to have few shots of gin but hey i laughed

  15. ourpop56 says:

    Funny he is born on my bday!!

  16. 2010landcruiser says:

    great fun, I remade this advert in 1997, as a home movie, just added it to my youtube channel see what you think!

  17. JohnnyContagious says:

    @MadsNoble Thank you. I am laughing uproariously at someone who was under the impression that this woefully unfunny sketch was from a TV show calling me a troglodyte. Look at it… Does it even remotely resemble a 40s TV Show, you fucking moron? If Ziegfeld really was doing a retrospective show from his celestial home then this piece of shit would be consigned to the heavenly toilet. I do credit Skelton with one thing, though; he makes Keenan Wynn seem funny… and that’s some achievement.

  18. MadsNoble says:

    @JohnnyContagious You are an idiot. You don’t know good talent. You are such an idiot. This is a classic. It has survived the test of time. You are just a troglodyte.

  19. rockandroll4evermore says:

    @MadsNoble I don’t know. But this is from a movie from the theater. So that’s why it’s in such good color.

  20. kingofkards91 says:

    This sketch was kidn of my introduction to comedy I was a little kid and a saw a Red Skelton impersonator and before the intermission did Guzzler’s Gin and ltitle did I know then that it would change my life. At 19 years old I am one of only a handful of people in the world who want to dedicate thier life to this vintage style of humor

  21. monster25man says:

    the third time he came out, I felt sorry him, man I’ve never seen anyone act double drunk before :(

  22. SecretSuetSlinger says:

    This is indeed from The Ziegfeld Follies, not from TCM Celebrates Judy Garland as stated by YouTube above.

  23. MadsNoble says:

    Just watching him, I bet it is fun to play drunk.

  24. auLeLei24 says:

    Red’s comedic genius was one of a kind! He is sorely missed!!

  25. MrJavanaut says:

    @MadsNoble The first few shows started broadcasting color in late 1964. In 1965, they started making all the new shows in color. If you’ve seen re-runs of “Bewitched”, you will notice just the first year (1964) was in black & white.

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