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Red Skelton Comedy Shorts

Red Skelton skit and an opening intro which highlight his comedic genius. One bit is a parody of a mobster. The second is his opening monologue in which he speaks about his New Year celebration, gets in a quip about Dean Martin and mentions his beloved Gertrude and Heathcliffe. Thisvideo brought to you by hwy61media. Please take a moment to rate this movie and add your comments. You can see all of my videos at: Please take a look and subscribe to my channel. If you would like to comment on my channel as well, please do so. Your feedback is important to me. Thanks for watching.

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25 Responses to “Red Skelton Comedy Shorts”

  1. jamesmaseobrown says:

    When i was a kid, I loved this man. Watching his show was great and couldn’t wait for it to come on. He was such a lovable character.

  2. Hostage365 says:

    i still almost tear up when i think about when skelton died…

  3. purplemagic98 says:

    i miss Red Skelton!

  4. MrWrldpce says:

    good thing this was before aids

  5. Mastergamer64 says:

    I love this guy, he is the funniest person I know in the existance of the human race :3

  6. Fandalg says:

    I always liked Cauliflower Mcpugg and Klem Kaddidlehopper.  John Q America was fun, too.

  7. screengemsfan says:

    Red was truely one of a kind. His sense of storytelling and timing will never be matched by today’s comics. God bless you Red.

  8. CallawayWarbird04 says:

    im related to him he’s my granddad’s cousin!!

  9. xander7ful says:

    I used to watch him every Sunday night as a little 4 and 5 year old. His comedy stands the test of time. Really great comedy, like his, doesn’t need a censor.

  10. LEIMALOCCA says:

    hahahahah lmao “unfortunately, the next guy was Dean Martin…” hahahhaah oh, Red!

  11. Erilis666 says:

    @judyrusso for sure! you should look up brian regan if you haven’t already heard of him :)

  12. Erilis666 says:

    lol, funny.

  13. Cromag99 says:

    Red looked like Conan O’brien, was Red Irish?

  14. supermandisco says:

    My Father’s favorite comedian, and we as a family did manage to catch a live act show.

  15. N8tiveFloridian says:

    My Father worked 7 days a week for 40 years at his own business… The only time he would EVER come in early was Tuesday, evenings at 8pm EST, to watch The RED SKELTON SHOW… Never missed it unless it was a “work emergency”…he also cared for my sick mother during that time! What a man… And his Joy in life way watching Red Skelton !!! Our Family has bought every DVD we can get our hands on for him to watch! He’s 86 now & has a great sense of Humor. Red Skelton was truly a God Send! I hope

  16. kqr573v2 says:

    We used to watch his TV show every week, and my parents took me to see him live when I was probably no more than about six years old. I can barely remember it, and it probably didn’t mean much to me then, but I’m glad I got to see a legend while I still could.

  17. rcbakewell says:


  18. frankiepace says:

    Comedy is strong as ever unfortunately its the public that has changed its values…Comedians say they want the freedom to express yet they play to the masses.. only a few are artistically motivated to produce a quality performance the rest think blue is the way to go. Red Skelton was a clown ….a genius clown as was Carlin and Pryor we need more Clowns …send in the clowns …Please…

  19. elephantears1000 says:

    @labyrinthtgk13 I Remember that episode!!!! These episodes are so funny! I have the DVD’s too!

  20. JILL0704USA1 says:

    Red Skelton was the best and there will never be anyone who can take his place. His comedy was REAL comedy and there was no need for the filth that today’s so called ‘comedians’ use. I’m glad we have videos of Red to enjoy.

  21. bugseyable says:

    yeah and he didn’t need to curse like a fool, shows you what good writing can do.

  22. frostfang1 says:

    @labyrinthtgk13 love that one, with the rubber band joke XD

  23. FredDude27 says:

    Heh! Before he spoke I thought he was spoofin Winston Churchill :)

  24. jtkirkfan2002 says:

    Truly one of the greatest.

  25. BTURNER1961 says:

    For physical comedy, there was no better than Red. He had the complete control of a master mine, with an expressive capacity unequaled. Only Lucy was his equal

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