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Red Skelton America’s Clown Prince

Red Skelton America’s Clown Prince

Movie DVD

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Price: $ 4.78

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3 Responses to “Red Skelton America’s Clown Prince”

  1. JC says:

    Review by JC for Red Skelton America’s Clown Prince
    This is an excellent set officially authorized by Red’s estate that brings together some great shows and bonus materials. This is playable worldwide (no region code) and is in full dimensional stereo surround sound. This is not one of the many cheap rip-offs floating around.

    Episodes include:

    Lillian Martin (guest Jane Russell)

    The Iceman Goeth (guest Vivian Vance)

    Desert Island (guest Buster Crabbe)

    Deadeye & the Alamo (guest Cesar Romero)

    Freddie’s Romance 9guest Rhonda Fleming)

    The Pledge of Allegiance

    Red at the Reno Rodeo

    The French Painter

    The Forest Ranger

    San Fernando in Alaska (guest Edie Adams)

    Indiana (guest Don Knotts)

    Many Skeltons (guest Marilyn Maxwell)

    Freddie & the Baby (guest Ed Wynn)

    Live in San Francisco

    Sparks, Nevada performance

  2. Donna Laverdiere says:

    Review by Donna Laverdiere for Red Skelton America’s Clown Prince
    Red Skelton has got to be the funniest person I’ve ever seen,whenever I put the dvd in and watch it, it always makes me smile. Donna

  3. David A. Smith says:

    Review by David A. Smith for Red Skelton America’s Clown Prince
    red skelton is hilarious if you’ve never seen him you have to watch one of his movies. red skelton is really funny. this collection of him is awesome. so check it out

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