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Red Dwarf – US Pilot – Component 1

A pilot episode for an American version (identified as Red Dwarf USA) was produced by way of Universal Studios with the intention of broadcasting on NBC in 1992.The show basically followed the same story as very first episode of the original series, making use of American actors for most of the primary roles: Craig Bierko as Lister, Chris Eigeman as Rimmer, and Hinton Battle as Cat. Exceptions to this had been Llewellyn, who reprised his role as Kryten, and the British actress Jane Leeves who played Holly. It was written by Linwood Boomer and directed by Jeffrey Melman with Grant and Naylor onboard as creators and executive producers. Throughout filming of the pilot the audience reaction was very good and it was felt that the story had been nicely received. The studio executives had been not entirely pleased with the pilot, specifically the casting, but decided to give the project an additional opportunity with Grant and Naylor in charge. The intention was to shoot a ‘promo video’ for the show in a small studio described by the writers as ‘a garage’.New cast members had been hired for the roles of Cat (re-named Woo-fen) and Rimmer Terry Farrell and Anthony Fuscle respectively. With a modest spending budget and deadline, new scenes had been rapidly shot and mixed in with existing footage of the pilot and UK series V episodes. In spite of the re-shoots and re-casting, the option on the pilot was not picked up. (Farrell was cast virtually immediately afterwards for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.) As a result, the US pilot exists and has been heavily
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25 Responses to “Red Dwarf – US Pilot – Component 1”

  1. onlycicala says:

    so sad

  2. TheNova5 says:

    Jane Leeves was in this :OOOOOOOOOO WHHAAAAT

  3. shoelase17 says:

    sorry no offence to any one but the British version was already great there was no need for another version we don’t do that with you, we dont say ok let’s steal American Dad and call it British Dad, this was a waste of money I hate it when other countries steel our ideas and it seems to be America alot just let us have our idea’s and stop trying to copy us.

  4. gaozhi2007 says:

    What’s with this theme song? It sounds a little bit too much like my copy of “More Lift Porn classics from the 23rd century.”

  5. TheARMAProductions says:

    They have tried to mimic British humour and this is where they went wrong. It’s way to close to the British RD but it comes across as cheesy/cheap and it’s due to culture. When you mimic something so closely it’s impossible not to compare to the original. I can’t see the point of making an American version of something unless it’s different.

  6. DanXpta says:

    the only good actor is robert

  7. DanXpta says:

    they have to ruin every good british comedy :(

  8. michaelkeeble1 says:

    for the love of god please please usa never do a uk show again. stick with things your good at like makeing weapons and being abducted by aliens from area 51 lol

  9. insainewolf777 says:

    The british one is better

  10. yautja89 says:

    does anyone else feel dirty after watching this?

  11. loravine says:

    It’s like agony watching this… it’s terrible.

  12. Denarpsaurus says:

    Thank god this is such bad quality, if it was any better, I would shit in my own eyes.

  13. runly1 says:


  14. jfgaskin says:

    Okay, um, I’m American, and I just have to ask…What is this SHIT??!!!!

  15. twatredster says:

    dreadfull! bland yet cheesy at the same time. kryton is the only decent thing about. no wonder it never took off

  16. cavtroopere303 says:

    too much of a carbon copy nothing new sad

  17. cavtroopere303 says:

    too much of a carbon copy

  18. wolfishblue79 says:

    @McSuperfly101 Yes, yes it was, and the guy playing Lister is Craig Bierko who’s been in Scary Movie, and other movies.

  19. wolfishblue79 says:

    yeah there are a LOT of UK shows that the Us decided to steal from. “who’s line is it anyways”, “Shameless”, “The office”, just to name a few.

  20. McSuperfly101 says:

    Was that Daphne from Frasier?

  21. curly24242 says:

    I’m scared…

  22. ZachCraft says:


    I don’t think it’s where they come from, it’s just not the same people everyone’s grown to love.

  23. BlackScarabZ says:

    Condom sounds better in British English when it sounds separated like con-dom.

  24. raynarayskye says:

    Damn this is awful. I wouldn’t like this even if I didn’t know any better.

  25. ScottishCaledonian says:

    ………………. WHAT THE FUCK ?

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