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Red Dwarf Theme Song

Compilation of original intro-theme of first two series and Enjoyable song with opening videos of numerous series.

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25 Responses to “Red Dwarf Theme Song”

  1. skylineiiigtr says:

    Fucking amazing show. I can watch this show for hours on end. That is all.

  2. NobodyOfTheTardis says:

    That second song isn’t the original for the show. It’s awful!

  3. PCMaster1ful says:

    2:43 LOL

  4. reddwarf89 says:

    love this series… i mean check my name dammit!

  5. glados39 says:

    when my parents showed me red dwarf best day of mai life

    SMEG :D

  6. retardedmario1 says:

    0:18 “well time for the second coat of paint….. fuck.”

  7. BlackScarabZ says:

    I like this its a bit too slow in the credits of the actual show

  8. Rhiorrha says:

    @santanamauricio yeah…same here. I’m sitting there watching and said out loud “Maybe I’m not doing this right…this kinda sucks. Still.”

  9. santanamauricio says:

    @Rhiorrha Yes the theme was good but now that I’m old its still boring

  10. DavidRandallCurtis says:

    I’m so pissed they never got the funding to make the Red Dwarf movie
    they had planned! :/

  11. 96SmegHead says:

    @peri2502 Jenna Russell

  12. jimmah55555 says:

    @judasatan Also, in space the paint would never dry

  13. Rhiorrha says:

    I thank pbs Channel 16 wusf for bringing me this and many other british shows. I still have to get into Robin Hood. I only liked the intro (sung by Clannad). Maybe now that I’m older, I can enjoy it rather than be bored by it.

  14. ss3cleric says:

    well done I enjoyed that

  15. peri2502 says:

    The King of the potatoe people demanded I watch this!

  16. retardedmario1 says:

    same here. :D

  17. bbhrupp says:

    i love red dwarf!!!!

  18. zwanger26 says:

    can anyone tell me who the singer is of the theme song please?

  19. Niusereset says:

    It was some kind of reaction on meeting of Holly with Hilly (from the mirror space)
    Background reason: Norman Lovett didn’t want to continue… he returned in season 7

  20. hitachi088 says:

    @Niusereset why they originaly switched for the girl? i missed like 3episode.

  21. mzelizabeth01 says:

    i use to watch this show every sat night

  22. zornsthorne says:

    American’s Missed out on one of the greatest comedy…. Fuck that, Sci-fi!…. Fuck that, just shows ever made!

  23. Niusereset says:

    Good one, thanks :-)

  24. GameMusicCompiIation says:


    Check out my Full TV Version.


  25. dhughes1969 says:

    @judasatan plus no gravity to keep it from floating away if it didn’t freeze or boil instantly.

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