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Red Dwarf Opening

Red Dwarf Opening as it was used for first two seasons in Czech Republic. For the third season was only replaced Holly (looking into encyclopedia) by Hilly (IQ rating) See also Red Dwarf Theme Song to see cut of several openings with the Red Dwarf theme (full song)
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25 Responses to “Red Dwarf Opening”

  1. TooCool1993 says:

    @SirGriefALot lol i feel dumb :P

  2. SirGriefALot says:

    @TooCool1993 What are you talking about? It started production in 1988, so probably film. I don’t know if they even had ‘video’ back then.

  3. TooCool1993 says:

    does anyone know what it was shot on? (video or film) and what its shot on now?

  4. TSR1989LW says:

    0:00 – 0:23, & we thought painting the Forth Rail Bridge was hard?!?!

  5. mortabis says:

    Anyone know where I can download this video? I want to cut out the android choking part!

  6. cupofcakee says:

    @Niusereset BEST. PICK-UP LINE. EVER.

  7. Niusereset says:

    @pooperuber: It is Starbug

  8. pooperuber says:

    does anyone know what that green ship at 0:22 is

  9. fleskfan226 says:

    7 people dont know true tv

  10. azkanan says:

    Red Dwarf just finished on TV kidda, time to switch over to Goggs!!! :D

  11. waymuu says:

    this is how the intro is on netflix

  12. tk5800thesecond says:

    this is the most epic sounding opening

  13. sanninsakura says:

    já to mám jako vyzvánění na mobile :P :D

  14. luvembigger says:

    what fond memories… thanks BBC… thanks public TV! :) Thanks youtube for a chance to revisit some excellent BBC comedy! :)

  15. divdo1 says:

    they should soooo do a movie of this, like a full feature length for the cinema having the guys wake up after years of being in limbo or something and having to run from a killer race. totally ignoring the back to earth monstrosity. harking back to the great old school episodes. god i can picture an awesome teaser trailer in ma head right now, with the mix of the old theme and the newer theme song.

  16. Booshie321 says:

    this is my favourite theme song ever!

  17. darthsideous1968 says:

    This show is/was right up there on my favorite science fiction shows to watch list! However Doctor Who will ALWAYS be my number one favorite sci fi show and nothing will ever replace the good Doctor and the Tardis, but this show comes in a good second place! Sadly I came into this show later on in life “(Unlike Doctor Who which I started watching when I was a kid back in the mid 70′s)” and ever since I started watching Red Dwarf I became hooked almost immediately!
    The show is/was brrrrrrilliant!

  18. Drpluv187 says:

    Thank you Public Broadcasting!!!!

  19. NalaNosivad says:

    @HelloDaves Seriously. The old model versions not only looked better, more realistic, and all of the ACTUAL mini explosions looked ten times better.

  20. Kefir96 says:

    Awesome soundtrack….

  21. HelloDaves says:

    Crap CGI and pointless revisionism; George Lucas be proud. I think the BBC only got round to remastering the first three series before cancelling the project; whether it was due to budget problems, disappointing technical results, or the immense fan backlash I don’t know.

  22. Sooftah says:

    “stop your foul whining you filthy piece of distanding rectum” – rimmer to rimmer on me2.

  23. Sooftah says:

    old school bitches!

  24. sparrowlt says:

    I really like a lot more the original intro of the ship going by.. this looks like a version “cheered up for idiots”

  25. mauteflorencefes45 says:

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