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Re: Ricky Ricardo’s guide to marriage

No Gambling!
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5 Responses to “Re: Ricky Ricardo’s guide to marriage”

  1. illnsp08 says:

    Great guide to marriage that you made! I enjoy the video!

  2. MaryLouBrown says:

    In this episode (“Lucy Goes To Monte Carlo”) Ricky quotes his father:”Ill gotten gold is no one’s gain. And furthermore, my son: If I catch you gambling, you won’t be able to sit down for a week.”
    Later he says: “My father took me to Havanna once… so I couldn’t sit down for a week!”

    So he hasn’t threaten Lucy…

  3. primadonagirl999 says:

    but rickys so mean to her really why cant he say yes sometimes but its alway no no no! i mean really she didnt do nothing all day and she took care of little ricky which that was a mission so why not give her a break?

  4. ecirrj says:

    My question is whether this is traditional American marriage or traditional Latino marriage? Lucy wrote that Desi was raised with the idea that the man’s word is law, and he was adamant that Ricky maintain his manhood. Do/did Cuban men discipline/spank their wives? Did he ever try that with her in real life? She probably kicked him in the balls, but did he believe it was his right the way Ricky does?

  5. rachelazw says:

    And of couse Lucy was gambling before the episode was over! LOL! Silly Ricky, when will he ever learn? He keeps trying in vain to be the traditional ’50s husband with all his rules and orders. But Lucy has a mind and agenda of her own and will never be the typical ’50s wife; she’ll defy his rules and orders at every turn. If he were smart he’d just give it up.

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