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Re: Diff’rent Strokes Child Molester Episode

The thrilling conclusion. Writer: Blake Hunter Director: Gerren Keith
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Re: Diff’rent Strokes Child Molester Episode”

  1. ladyp1234 says:

    4:29 dudley just flushed all of hortons man seed out of his butt down the toilet

  2. dgenerate707 says:

    @FluffMaster101 you asked what i’d do.

  3. FluffMaster101 says:

    @dgenerate707 What?

  4. dgenerate707 says:

    @FluffMaster101 Kick in da door wavin a Fo Fo, and all you’d hear was poppa dont hit me no more.

  5. Taxminia0311 says:

    Kill that basterd

  6. ejr23 says:

    I personally think that pedophiles, child molesters, rapists, etc should be brutally murdered! Did I mention that fact that the victim or the victim’s family gets to carry out the deed?

  7. eihcraft says:

    what the fuck

  8. sheels33 says:

    @jdmdrift rasist

  9. jdmdrift says:

    Mr Horton’s into the chocolate.

  10. iammadness says:

    I think that you are a know-it-all teenager. But in time hopefully you will grow up and see for yourself what the world is like when you aren’t living in mommy and daddy’s protection or behind the safety of a keyboard.

  11. iammadness says:

    @OfficialNigel I hope YOU never have children. I’ve known people who’ve been in this situation. I know the damage such things do. I know there is more than just physical damage that can be done to a person and that often it can be much worse. I think you have never seen anything but statistics, that people are just numbers to you.

  12. OfficialNigel says:

    @iammadness I hope you do some research on your own and fucking learn something. The world is not in black and white.

  13. OfficialNigel says:

    @iammadness Rape != molestation. Molestation is very often not a violent crime. If i remember correctly the violent form of molestation is called “sexual assault”. Molesters are often not harming(physically) the victim, they usually coax or ease them into it. Rarely is it violent.. Pedophile != Child Molester. CMs often commit their crime for the same reason a lot of rapist do, power. They often aren’t too interested in the victim sexually, they just love that feeling they get by doing it.

  14. OfficialNigel says:

    @iammadness Its people like you who are slowing down progress of the human race. The fact that you used a term like ‘skinner’ shows me you are an ignorant person who clearly won’t learn anything. I will try to educate you even though I know the chances of you learning anything is damn near 0%.

  15. ssss681 says:

    @GeneralFonzy113 Rule #1 of comedy: there’s nothing that shouldn’t be joked about.

  16. iammadness says:

    @OfficialNigel Raping a child isn’t a violent offense to you? Wow. Just wow. Are you sure you’re not a skinner yourself?

  17. Disneygirlxoful says:


  18. pinkdarkechoes says:

    This ended Gordon Jump’s career.

  19. mellowkat01 says:

    and btw, in real life, a guy like horton would be a married straight man that you would never suspect to be a pedophile.

    Your mom or dad could secretly be a pedo, so stop sounding like a bunch of ignorant idiots ! Sexual Orientation is not a factor in determining pedophilia.

  20. mellowkat01 says:

    I wish shows today would discuss issues like this.

    When I was a kid, my parents/grandparents told me all about these types of issues, and because they told me i was safe, because i was aware of the world around me.

    They don’t have to be explicit, but children must know the dangers that lie in this world, so they can be alert and safe.

    This show is a great educational example, but gosh that laugh track was unnecessary.

  21. WhatTheTech says:

    Most unrealistic scene of all time.

  22. hoptop77 says:

    was that the apartment from the waynes brothers show?

  23. OfficialNigel says:

    @iammadness Violent offenders are often separated from non violent offenders.

  24. iammadness says:

    @OfficialNigel You clearly know nothing about prison. Ever been? Ever know anyone who has? I know far more than I ever wanted to.

  25. dreamboynyc2 says:

    You just KNOW Willis & Kimberly were screwing when Mr. Drummond wasn’t looking. After all, they’re not blood relatives.

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