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Raymond Burr interview 1963

Journalist Jack Webster interviews “Perry Mason” star Raymond Burr in 1963 during a break in filming of his hit series.
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17 Responses to “Raymond Burr interview 1963”

  1. clsarashimmer20 says:

    Godzilla with Raymond Burr is one of my favourite films to watch.

  2. MrLogoman007 says:

    @JubalCalif I agree, he seems to be a normal guy.

  3. PhilsCinema says:

    I was surprised to read that Raymond Burr was probably gay, he lived with a guy for like 40 years and left this person his fortune

  4. Protectobot says:

    YEAH: Burr seems like an awesome guy. it’s a shame I never got to meet him, among the actors who’ve played lawyers, detectives, and other upholders of the law.

  5. iluv2befit says:

    He is greatly missed. What an excellent actor. I loved Rear Window- my all time favorite movie.

  6. RaleighDawlishRaynar says:

    Now this was “Denny Crane” Never lost, never will.

    Subject: (nabs) rumor
    Anagram: Mason Burr

  7. BuddyNovinski says:

    @Gencturk92 and now he could get married in his native Canada!

  8. JubalCalif says:

    Totally true! Thanks for your comment! :)

  9. tall32guy says:

    @JubalCalif Barbara Hale was. She remained great friends with Burr and his longtime boyfriend until their deaths.

  10. rshnrvrrbrt says:



  11. STU676 says:

    wow is this good

  12. Gencturk92 says:

    @JubalCalif, yeah, i think he was a good actor. Rear Window was the best

  13. JubalCalif says:

    Thanks for the ‘heads up” in regards to the late great Mr Burr’s sexuality, but I’m pretty sure most of his fans are already aware of it. Anyone who has read about him or his career soon makes that discovery. It was pretty much an open secret in Hollywood….but he was so well loved & respected in show biz circles that it’s wasn’t a big deal to anyone. Thanks again for your comment. Here’s hoping you have a super groovy day! :)

  14. Gencturk92 says:

    Raymond Burr was homosexual.

  15. robatsea2009 says:

    From a friend; Webster used to have a half-hour show on KVOS in the early 1960s that was mostly issue-and-investigative story focused.

  16. JubalCalif says:

    What a delight!!! The late great Raymond Burr was one of my all time favorite actors. Though he portrayed a lot of nogoodniks over the years, off screen he was an intelligent, artistic, creative, humble, kind, generous & gentle man. He really did work his rear off during his long career. 90 pictures in 10 years! And then TWO consecutive long running shows! Incredible work ethic! “Perry Mason” is my favorite TV show. I miss this wonderfully talented & gifted gentleman! THANKs for posting!

  17. visaman says:

    This is a jewel, where did you get it. Such a young Jack Webster! Burr seems quite uncomfortable.

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