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Ray Charles – Ring of Fire on the Johnny Cash Show

From his second appearance on the Johnny Cash Show this is Ray Charles giving Johnny’s No. 1 hit “Ring of Fire” a soul treatment. It was released on his then current country album “Love Country Style”. Taped on Ray’s 40th birthday this was aired on Sep. 23rd, 1970. THIS AND OTHER GREAT PERFORMANCES ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON A 2-DVD-SET “BEST OF THE JOHNNY CASH TV SHOW”. HIGHLY RECOMMENDABLE!!!

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25 Responses to “Ray Charles – Ring of Fire on the Johnny Cash Show”

  1. wickedwetcat says:

    this is the real shit man

  2. podtheguard says:

    still crying.

  3. kkbforizzle says:


  4. PhilFilth says:

    @spmspm1000 English, second language, XD

  5. spmspm1000 says:

    @PhilFilth talented

  6. funkeeuprght says:

    This is so great! I wonder if Ray arranged the horns himself. Anyone know?

  7. ricaard says:

    @irszgatti Well said!

  8. newwaveknight1 says:

    @rSDGermany Amen. They may have gone, but their music will never die.

  9. bboicrazy8 says:

    This was like the sexy version of the song lol. Really good.

  10. moundir says:

    @rSDGermany james brown

  11. brianpbean says:

    @PhilFilth talentous? I hate you.

  12. PhilFilth says:

    I know Ray charles is really talentous, but I hate this cover !

  13. phoenixliberty says:

    Fucking Hell i am gobsmacked at this….INCREDIBLE

  14. polohay28 says:

    No direspect to Johnny Cash fans, but thi version is absolutely bananas!

  15. msavagenoble says:

    If you knew anything about Johnny Cash, you’d know he knew exactly what Ray meant.

  16. irszgatti says:


    alright you win…yep.

  17. HORRORxSTRUCK says:

    @irszgatti I’m an 18 year old Aboriginal female lol imagine how I feel when people’s jaw’s drop when they realize when I say I have an ECLECTIC taste in music,I do mean eclectic.not just screaming and hitting things haha

  18. alexboii says:

    I love watching his feet !!! :)

  19. ctettam1 says:

    Ray Charles rubbing a little funk on it.

  20. Rainwhisker167 says:

    They showed this clip on “Biography” with a special on Ray–one of his Raelettes said that June Carter Cash (the actual co-author of the song) was estatic with his performance–she said June NEVER thought she would hear it perfomed so differently, and she loved every second!

  21. emaculate says:

    I bet johnny cash didnt know what the fuck to do after that. Best version of that song ever!!!!

  22. georgiaboi931 says:

    That was Awsome!

  23. DevinTClark says:

    I just ruined it.

  24. lawnkhan says:

    That video is why Youtube is Youtube,.

  25. bassman0704 says:

    Ray did this song justice :) may he and johnny RIP. you know they are up there in music heaven with dio making beautiful music.

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