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Ramones on the Joe Franklin Show 1988

Joey and Marky Ramone being Interviewed on the Joe Frankin Show WOR Channel 9, 1988

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25 Responses to “Ramones on the Joe Franklin Show 1988”

  1. GreenDayFreakFTW says:

    Omg I dindt knew they played in puerto rico I was I wasborn younger to see there concert here :(

  2. ImnotSylviaaaa says:

    Tommy > Marky.

  3. sexpistol455 says:

    mark was adopted fucking joey lol had to bring tht up

  4. AdognamedOp says:

    Great interview. I remember watching Joe Franklin on channel 9 back when I was a kid. He always had interesting guests.

  5. FlagTheReds says:

    The RATTLERS!!!!!!

  6. rawmac7 says:

    What band did he mention? Rantlers???

  7. prot93 says:

    @ultravaccine Agree ! I love Marky but omg he was really in the talking mode that day !

  8. ultravaccine says:

    is it just me or Marky just keeps getting in the way of JOey…kinda annoying…let him finish !!!

  9. bapyou says:

    Joe Fucking Franklin. The man himself. Amazing. Amazing.

  10. FMajor7cancun says:

    LOL “the RAYmones”

  11. mo0nbuggy says:

    Does Marky really wear a piece?

  12. ortleyman says:

    You know you are a true New Yorker if you were onto The Joe Franklin show on channel 9 at fucking 1 am every night mon-sat. This dude had Woody Allen, Bruce Springsteen and Barbara Streisand on before anyone knew of them. He was also good to watch if you had insomina. I miss my old black and white TV with the clothes hanger I used for reception.

  13. RossM3838 says:

    @shashwati According to the book On The Road With the Ramones off stage they were barely on speaking terms. Deedee says of Johnny “He was unpleasant to begin with..” and Joey (Jeff) blamed Johnny for stealing his girlfriend (actually Johnny didn’t. Their relationship was very real). At the same time Joey’s own psychiatric problems drove Johnny crazy. On stage they were just fantastic.

  14. RossM3838 says:

    @tattypatty Irecently saw marc in person. He is a fine drummer and a really terrific entertainer, but he is still wearing that toupee. Oh well to each his own.

  15. msway32 says:

    Great video. Love Joey.

  16. oiyabastard says:

    joe… who da fuck is da raymoans?

  17. mofosixx says:

    thats so a wig

  18. rubntizzug says:

    wow Joey didn’t like theSmiths ,,,

  19. Danimal77 says:

    I love how Joey said he’s 6’3″. He was taller than 6’5″ Howard Stern. He’s really around 6’6″-6’7″.

  20. bigjimsteelrod says:

    i loved ol Joe franklin, this is kind of a later one, once cable hit and he was accepted and became a hit, i remember the ones from the late 70′s early 80′s, Joe was a lot quirkier and nervous, I loved the way he mispronounced the ramones, he always mispronounced people’s names, he was known as “The Poor Man’s Johnny Carson”

  21. matteomarazzi says:

    great interview!

  22. ThePaneityCollectiv says:

    that guy with the moustache made me laugh SOOO hard

  23. shashwati says:

    aaaww Joey don’t like the Smiths :(
    but great interview….but they were lying through their teeth, what? they didn’t all like each other at all…funny

  24. shashwati says:

    i second that…the best part is they never correct him, it’s just relentless… :)

  25. KidnapDeath says:

    Marky wears a wig. XD

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