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Ramones on the Joe Franklin Show 1988

Joey and Marky Ramone being Interviewed on the Joe Frankin Show WOR Channel 9, 1988
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25 Responses to “Ramones on the Joe Franklin Show 1988”

  1. SKYLEROFNY says:

    why did joey have to die he was the best i looooovvvvvveeeee him <3

  2. SKYLEROFNY says:

    joe frankin said ramones wrong on 1:19

  3. cookableang says:

    @MrsGerardWayForever nooo he’s from ny!

  4. MrsGerardWayForever says:

    r they british ?!?!?! joey sounds like he his !!! but he’s really tall and like i lovee him ^-^

  5. pariahpete says:

    @sjk72 Hah! Yes. He was incredible. Didn’t he also run old films in “Memory Lane” ? Al Jolson in “The Jazz Singer”…. now THAT was his kind of music! He was on for insomniacs or people who didn’t go to church for the 7:00 service. People like me. I can’t believe the Ramones were on his show.

  6. sjk72 says:

    @pariahpete Were you inspired a little bit by the Led Zeppelin?…a little bit by the Grateful Dead? It’s like Joe just heard of these groups on the news or something. They have nothing to do with each other, and it’s adorable!

  7. Ghostrhino12 says:

    marky’s adopted!

  8. ThrashAndKill666 says:

    Joey’s Voice was Sexy :B

  9. sweateroflove says:

    I love their voices. :)

  10. PieceofMindmusic says:

    “the Raymoans”

  11. blahbassyaddayadda says:

    @SREGAN7 yea he died of lymphoma

  12. pariahpete says:

    This is so great! Joe Franklin was used to interviewing almost-forgotten stars from the 30′s and 40′s. It was so typical of him not to know anything about his guests, unless they were really ancient. And he would fumble with questions. It’s what made him endearing and campy. Love the way he calls them the “Ray-mones”. And Joey and Marky are respectful! They liked Joe’s vibe… an old out of it uncle. Thanks for posting!

  13. SREGAN7 says:


  14. teoruz says:

    Joe lying about his height eheh
    He was 6′ 5” .. from what Mickey Leigh’s memoir says

  15. muddwell says:

    Gotta love the respect youtube commenters have for these guys. Excellent.

  16. pbot2029 says:

    “How do you guys stay a happy unit? No internal stryfe!!!!” WHAT?!?!?!?

  17. turnipmermaid says:

    Joey and…?

  18. Argentino246 says:

    “The” Led Zeppelin!!!

  19. GreenDayFreakFTW says:

    Omg I dindt knew they played in puerto rico I was I wasborn younger to see there concert here :(

  20. ImnotSylviaaaa says:

    Tommy > Marky.

  21. sexpistol455 says:

    mark was adopted fucking joey lol had to bring tht up

  22. AdognamedOp says:

    Great interview. I remember watching Joe Franklin on channel 9 back when I was a kid. He always had interesting guests.

  23. FlagTheReds says:

    The RATTLERS!!!!!!

  24. rawmac7 says:

    What band did he mention? Rantlers???

  25. prot93 says:

    @ultravaccine Agree ! I love Marky but omg he was really in the talking mode that day !

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