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Ramblin’ Jack’s first Johnny Cash Show appearance

From the Sept. 20, 1969 episode of The Johnny Cash Show, Ramblin’ Jack does “If I Were A Carpenter” then he and Cash duet on “Take Me Home” (in G). Pure Americana fabulousness.
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25 Responses to “Ramblin’ Jack’s first Johnny Cash Show appearance”

  1. hotelvictoriaent271 says:

    ouch i/m crying

  2. hjlehman3 says:

    man you sho nuff have posted some great videos. thanks for your sharing.

  3. headstock48 says:

    @cooterbrowntown Well, just because someone changes their name, and to a degree, their identity, that doesn’t mean they aren’t talented or worth listening to. Bob Dylan, for example. I just think the notion that someone is a fake or not genuine because they change their name, etc. is a little harsh.

  4. MrRiblet says:

    this is cooooollll

  5. Bounce2Dat says:

    This is so gorgeous. Absolutely ethereal.

  6. FellowWorker1905 says:

    For Johnny Cash to have had all them there ‘longhaired, hippie type, pinko fags” on his show in the middle of such turbulant times shows what kind of man he really was.
    My dad was as redneck as you could get, but he never missed a show. I was but 10-11 at the time, and I frankly don’t remember any of his guests (pity that.) Thankfully, youtube allows those memories to be brought back to life.

  7. harrharrferr says:

    Man, Jack was real outta tune for a second. Dude has such a good poker face you’d never even notice.

  8. bscondict says:

    What a beautiful and imperfect voice , don’t anger the Gods Jack !

  9. kpotter2012 says:

    Beautiful. I had the thrill of watching Jack perform about 6 years ago in a 100 year old church in a ghost town in Eastern Oregon with about 60 or so other souls. He was mesmerizing, truly a bard. He sat on the stage in an old wooden chair, with a guitar on his lap and a cow dog asleep at his feet. An old man who told rambling stories that grew seamlessly into songs with a few subtle strums on his guitar, floating gently across the evening, carried by the gentle tenor of his voice. Amazing!

  10. Chiselnyc says:

    When Johnny sings with his guests, he seems to really enjoy it, and it seems so genuine.

  11. cooterbrowntown says:

    @headstock48 what about robert zimmerman ?

  12. headstock48 says:

    @wovokanarchy With respect, that doesn’t mean he’s not genuine. I mean, shoot, what about Robert Zimmerman?

  13. floppyd0g says:

    @MrRashamon12345 Ha ha – Love it.

  14. RockyPhil225 says:

    This is so good never knew he was so good at finger picking
    will place this with clapton’s acoustic version of sunshine of your love

  15. MrRashamon12345 says:

    well no because they suck.

  16. wovokanarchy says:

    @MrMartinhurt By that very same notion, I guess you would say Robert Van Winkle a.k.a Vanilla Ice is a legitimate hip hop artist or Billy Ray Cyrus’s songs are ”classic country”.

  17. MrMartinhurt says:


    And the people of North Dakota come from Swedes and the French. And the people of the Appalachians come from the Scots. And the Idahoens and the Montanans and the eastern Washingtonians: German, eastern europeans. And just like a country boy can make it in the big city, so can a city boy, who sick and weary of the hustle and bustle, can go into the country and live the life he wants. That’s what America is all about and that makes Mr. Elliot as American as Davy Crockett.

  18. wovokanarchy says:

    @Fretkillr You speak of “psuedo-musicians”? Isn’t Ramblin Jack Elliot from Brooklyn, New York City and his real name is Elliot Charles Adnopoz and whose parents were orthodox Jews?

  19. kwlindle says:

    Amazing!!!!! I love you Jack!

  20. geetee3d says:

    superb Jack. I’d recommend Nike Drake, if you like the great Jack Elliot

  21. shelski72 says:

    so honest, raw, like he’s having a conversation or telling a story with those old men sitting outside that nondescript cafe in small town middle america. Somehow I don’t think he’d squabble for being paid at any one of his humble or high profile appearances.

  22. bobbybloodfeastin308 says:

    Gives me chills. Love Jack.

  23. supersmoothpunk says:

    This is amazing. His voice and playing are exceptional and delivered so effortlessly.

  24. MrEddavenport says:

    great to see this, never seen any footage of him before but first song i ever remember my dad playing as a kid was ‘riding in my car’ which i never did ‘cos my daddy didn’ have no car! still love it all now 42 years on, my faves are ‘hard travellin’ and ‘candyman’ yeehaa

  25. 0362868 says:

    GRAMMY WINNER 2010!! Check out a great depression era record….

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