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Fun Generation do Brasil~~Radio BEAT98 application for Iphone/iPod allows you to have access to the radio programming, real-time, either from a cell phone network or a Wi-Fi hotspot connection. BEAT98 is an FM well-liked?oriented radio station, which represents its young audience?s voice. The station understands and expresses its audience behavior by showing their way of being and their way of facing, confronting and enjoying life. BEAT98, in your pace. That?s the radio soul.This audience?s pace is translated into attitude, and affirmative attitude. Attitude refers to taking positions, running soon after dreams and requirements. They value their own selections and the importance of making wishes come true. Affirmative refers to positive, happy, affectionate, sensual, but also refers to presence and energy. BEAT98 is the beat, the attitude. It?s affirmative.BEAT98 is thrilling, restless, interactive, funny, modern day, up-to-date, battler, encouraging. It?s pagode, funk, hip hop, international pop. All in your pace.

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Sold by Apple iTunes

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