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Queen – These Are the Days Of Our Lives HD

This video belongs to: Parlophone (Europe), Hollywood Records (US) 1991 WMG, EMI Publishing, UMG and UMG Lyrics & Song by: Queen 95BurakSahin95
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Queen – These Are the Days Of Our Lives HD”

  1. cynthiss2000 says:

    RIP Freddie there will NEVER be a voice like yours in our life time

  2. VooDooKaDoLL says:

    0:46 = absolutely EPIC, having fun even while he was saying us ‘good bye’…

    The only one, irreplaceable, my dear dear dear Freddie. Making this video he can’t stay standing up much time because the pain and weakness and, after all, he was a fighter ’till the end, so brave.

    I can’t see this without feel how my heart breaks itself ;(

    I love you Freddie, with every single beat of my heart and will always do.

  3. sunshinestnt says:

    22 dislikes, what’s the matter with these 22? Queen with Freddie as head vocalist, wow! Saw Queen at the Forum and he had the whole audience in the palm of his hand. What a stage presence and voice. Plus, he reached out and connected with the audience. The only thing sad about this video, last one he did, his x was limited. But the voice, even thining, was hauntingly beautiful. RIP Freddie. He had a vocal range of 4 octaves, not 3.

  4. SofiaCapricorn says:

    I was only four when he died, but i remember that my dad was sad that day but i didn’t know why…Now i do. I started to listening to Queen when i was ten, when my dad gave me a CD with them, and i have been a die hard fan ever since, and will always be. My future kids will also learn to love them. And to Freddie: We still love you, and always will. And i know, somehow, you looking down on us and say to yourself “I still love you too”.

  5. Victorsan1997 says:

    i can’t hear this song without crying

  6. bacil0611 says:

    Even though he died before I was born, I still shed a tear when I see this video. But it does make me happy that there are still so many people who love Freddie and that new fans are born everyday. This way, a piece of him will always be immortal.

  7. StrawberryGirlyo says:

    This is very sad. The song, the video, and how weak Freddie Mercury looks. But one thing is still true, he still loves his fans, and we will always love him too. We miss u Freddie! :(

  8. bigbravo11 says:

    How could anyone possibly dislike this?

    Just look at freddie it’s a shame for him and yet he still was a fighter.

    How many of you watched this by yourself and shed a tear or two ;-(

  9. liamski689 says:

    Beautiful song, my personal favourite of all time. So sad, and yet so brilliant.

    R.I.P Freddie.

    Only the good die young.

  10. seabassdarapper says:

    @ECW5320 I was being sarcastic, I guess that doesn’t translate well on youtube

  11. ECW5320 says:

    @seabassdarapper u didn’t know he died back in 1991?

  12. waggsywaggon says:

    There are very few songs i can call beautiful – but this is one of them.

  13. Aiyoros says:

    This video its so sad =( i love the song, but, being the freddie’s last video before his dead, their expresions, Mercury looking so weak (and yet so strong!!), its just sad.
    The show must go on

  14. seabassdarapper says:

    @ECW5320 thanx for clearing that up, here I thought he somehow disappeared for 20 years and no one ever mentioned it for some reason … i would stay up late at night sometimes wondering “he was the frontman of one of the biggest bands of all time, how could he just disappear like that without anyone noticing”

  15. ECW5320 says:

    @seabassdarapper he’s thin because of aids which later killed him a few months after this video was filmed

  16. QFIhawkman says:

    I still love you Freddie.

  17. Jakesthehero says:

    It seems like all of Paul Rodgers fans disliked this video

  18. kazoleszczuk says:

    24.11.91 – 20 lat….. pamiętamy

  19. gohanguy22 says:

    -/-/–/—/—/-|_—-_|—-——- -
    –———— /——-————/
    —-———-(———)———-/ to the dislikers

  20. KazamaFer says:

    You just CAN’T dislike this… Long life… ETERNAL LIFE! To Freddie! WE STILL LOVE YOU.

  21. spacecowboy7580 says:


    I hope he doesn’t…that would be like mocking Freddie.

  22. spacecowboy7580 says:


    It was filmed in May..he died in the maths.

  23. HandRpuffin says:

    I hope he knew how much we love him and would miss him before the end.

  24. IronMetalHead150 says:

    I’m an 17 year old guy, and i don’t understand my friends all wanting to grow up as fast as they can- apparently they’re too mature to just meet up and have a bit of fun, play some football, or just lay on a field looking at the sky- when they’re all older they’ll look back and regret not enjoying these days.

  25. 15501aryan says:

    Even sick he was still handsome and sexy, Bravo Darling

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