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Quark Discusses Company

Quark is not happy with the outcome…

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25 Responses to “Quark Discusses Company”

  1. Kaizerworks says:

    @nicktesla45 If someone struck you over the head with a 9-iron, your skull would collapse because of the empty space.

  2. mymyharlow says:

    1:47 See the look in Quark’s eyes as he has the idea about the root beer? That’s good acting. It’s the little things like that that built DS9 to be such a good show. Amd the actor playing Garak did an awesome job too.

  3. nicktesla45 says:

    It is very Obious that the Ferengi are the jews of outer space, Same Greed and the same business ethics . Maybe with all the In-breeding of the Jews they will evolve ( Or should I say Devolve) into the Ferengi ha ha ha . That would definetly Mirror the soul of the jew !! ha ha ha ha

  4. Shadowrunner340 says:

    @RomulusAaron “The Way of the Warrior”

  5. RomulusAaron says:

    what episode is this again?

  6. Crymson1 says:

    @jastvo H ewould have been put out of business.

  7. tintiringa says:

    I love the look on Garak’s face at 2:20 – he knew where Quark was going without needing to be told. Great Scene.

  8. RXdash78 says:

    @tenthalpha There was no direct analog. The cardassians are more like imperial japan crosses with the soviet union. The bajorans were a stand in for the roma, jews, palestinians…any displaced people, really.

  9. jastvo says:

    @Freddran Yeah, and how interesting it would be two bartenders at Ten-Forward. Imagine Guinan and Quark arguing

  10. Freddran says:

    @jastvo It would be something like the realtion with Odo

  11. jastvo says:

    What a fun combination is Quark if he was with Picard on The Enterprise

  12. Fetch26291 says:

    @ProphetTenebrae by start of DS9, Ferengi were like 1960s businessmen. by the end of DS9, they were like 1990s (women getting into the act)

  13. BlueCrystalGem says:

    how quickly Garak add the little phrase “TO YOU”, implies that he doesnt enjoy talking to people.

  14. tenthalpha says:

    Wouldnt it be closer with Cardies as Imperial Brittish and Bajor as India? The word Vedic is used in hindu, the earrings, numerous other parallels, I dont think anyone has made that connection yet…..

  15. ProphetTenebrae says:

    @B4n5h33Chess Yes, I could draw lots of tentative and meaningless parallels too if you like! To history or fiction!

    Why not try and draw some parallels to the First World War! Or GI Joe!

    They’d be as meaningful as what you’re trying to do

  16. ProphetTenebrae says:

    @B4n5h33Chess Given the fact China was part of the war from 1937 – by your own logic, they were a big part of it.

    And yes, MUCH of the focus given to the war is on Europe but then so is the focus of WWI and hey – guess what? That wasn’t all about the trenches!

    You’re trying to apply parallels where they don’t occur and your historical analogy has fallen apart. I won’t deny that initially, you had some valid points but now you’re coming across as a ranting loon with no grasp of context.

  17. ProphetTenebrae says:

    @B4n5h33Chess First of all – you’re telling ME to go learn my history… and then you’re telling me China weren’t part of WW2? Perhaps you’re the one that needs a history lesson.

    And ah yes! Another big part of US history… their well known SECRET POLICE! That was… well, conspiring with – ANOTHER set of secret police! The Gestapo! Who secretly put together a fleet for a pre-emptive strike! Against the Japanese! Who would later ally with the Germans AGAINST the Americans!

    Perfect parallel!

  18. B4n5h33Chess says:

    @ProphetTenebrae The Chinese were basically non exsistent in the 2nd world war

    The romulans were the USA

    The TalShiar was destroyed bassically by the Jem’Hadar, meaning in retrospect USA lost a major battle to JAPAN



  19. B4n5h33Chess says:

    @ProphetTenebrae ACTUALLY The Romulans did suffer a huge blow WHEN the TalShiar fleet was basically destroyed by the JemHadar… Now i know the parralles arent perfect but the Breen are the Italians.



  20. ProphetTenebrae says:

    @B4n5h33Chess Yes because your parallels to sci-fi and history are PERFECT.

    The USA being well known for having been tricked into the war – rather than joining due to a massive and unprovoked attack! Yup, I remember that one from my history books… OH! WAIT!

    And then there was the time the USA almost decided to start going at it with its allies for the sake of a land grab! OH! WAIT!

    Are you going to suggest that the Breen were the Italians, per chance?

  21. B4n5h33Chess says:

    @ProphetTenebrae you are totally wrong in this sense. For example

    The Romulans entered the war late…. Same with the US….

    The Federation were in charge of keeping the foothold on DS9 and the WormHole aka Great Britain

    The Japanese were on the other side of the war and were kamikaze, SO were the Jem’Hadar. AKA DOMINION

    So please not only learn your SCI-FI parallels and your history.

  22. ProphetTenebrae says:

    I think this might qualify as one of the BEST exchanges in all of Star Trek… so MUCH of the show is just an interaction between officers, or someone and an officer.

    Interactions between Quark and Garak are great and their analysis of the Federation awesome.

  23. ProphetTenebrae says:


    Hmm, I think there’s some room for disagreement.

    Cardassians, Klingons and Bajorans – I agree.

    The Federation is an idealistic USA.

    The Romulans are Chinese.

    Vulcans are Japanese.

    And the Dominion… well, I’m not sure there’s really a parallel in human history.

  24. B4n5h33Chess says:

    @ProphetTenebrae yes

    Cardassians = Germany

    Federation = England

    Klingons = Russia

    Romulans = USA

    Bajor = Jews

    Dominion = Japan

  25. BlueCrystalGem says:

    @Lamporre red whine, white wine, sherry, etc… all the same stuff. Kanar seems more like Scotch to me, maybe the darker colored ones are more aged.

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