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25 Responses to “Quantum Leap Theme 1989 – 1993”

  1. blackett412 says:

    @TheRealRoutemaster I wish I never read that comment. Excuse me whilst I break into tears.

  2. ContainsLanguage says:

    Then they jazzed it up and completely ruined it! Yay!!!

  3. aviationwingnut says:

    What a cool tune. Love that show. WONDERFUL post!!!!!

  4. Strife56 says:

    Good times man, good times.

  5. sengoku80 says:

    oh boy!

  6. SevenofLein says:

    I never knew that.. but oh well, you can get happy in any time.. :-) as an adult I can live with that… ;-) Saw many episodes on tv and loved it. I think it was the humor.

  7. chkjns says:

    Where are these INCREDIBLE orchestral arrangements coming from and who is K Martyn ? ! ! ! ! !
    These are some of the best I’ve heard and I consider myself an expert. I am playlisting music for the past century, and your orchestrations have just become an integral part.
    This just added to the 1989 playlist – you can step back to any year on my channel and live in the past for an hour from 1952-1975. The other years are coming ! !

  8. TheRealRoutemaster says:

    I’ll have to say, I was around 12 years old when the finale came on British Tv and I’m not going to lie, I cried my little pubescent heart out when I found out that Sam never lept home!

  9. biguy617 says:

    I liked the series but I didn’t like that he never returns to his own time, in the series finale.

  10. JackLivesTogether says:

    NBC is now airing Quantum Leap on their site because Scott is now a recurring character on Chuck.

  11. frinly says:

    I always found this theme song riveting. I was so touched by the feelgood vibe of this song. Children, I enjoyed this song very much:)

  12. stoleno24 says:

    Does anyone know where I can go to get this song as a ring tone for free?

  13. budkia says:

    NBC,CBS, FOX ect . how about airing some of your older shows and just maybe you will gain more viewers. it’s not hard ,air the shows that made viewers tuned in to the station years ago. it is a nobrainer.

  14. Laughfiend65 says:

    this theme is badass. one of my favorite songs!!! 80s/ early 90s 4 u

  15. babytippa89 says:

    this is the best theme tune ever in history! x

  16. hatgirl09 says:

    scott bakula…! *sigh* what more is there to say? lol

  17. fkiama says:

    best series ever !!! ooooooooooooooooooooooh boy ! :)

  18. hrssjdk says:

    I like this show, it was broadcast here in Chile in 1994. Thanks for this remember…

  19. middguy says:

    wow!!!i loved this show i know time moves and nothing lasts forever but i wished this show was still on now the theme tune takes me back

  20. chrisgerrard says:

    yep its kool x

  21. chrisgerrard says:

    these 2 actors are amazing together, i wished they carried on!! the programmes r ace x

  22. ScissorSlinger says:

    As I recall, it was a management decision. The fanbase wasstrong for this series, as it was rather unique. But, as is often the case, management doesn’t necessarily care. lol

  23. Califfa700 says:

    Thanks for posting this I remember this show was also popular here in the Philippines.

  24. runeboyz7 says:

    i love this show..always did and always will

  25. runeboyz7 says:

    i love this show..always did and always will

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