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Quantum Leap Intro / Opening – JUST THE INTRO (episode clip seamlessly edited out)

This is the Ultimate Quantum Leap intro available because it’s high quality, and more importantly because I edited out the episode clip, which changed from show to show, and just left the part you want to see- the opening of the show! The opening I chose to use was from season 4, which I feel was the best version because it featured all of the greatest clips from previous seasons, and it’s just before season 5 ruined the opening with the horrible song change. Enjoy!!!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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25 Responses to “Quantum Leap Intro / Opening – JUST THE INTRO (episode clip seamlessly edited out)”

  1. uthred08 says:

    The greatest thing about the show is that they trick people. They think it is some scifi time travel. But perhaps Dr sam beckett is a champion of god, and Al is his guardian angel. Just trying to put back together things he was to busy to do. Thas why he wasnt involved in major time events (for the most part) Some good people got wronged and god was using him to make up for it. A great concept.

  2. SG1Mitchell says:

    @RNC200707 I dream every day that he and Dean would make a new version for SyFy. I haven’t seen every episode. Part of me fears the day that I have. I’ve seen most

  3. KanineKruizer says:

    Scott Bakula totally made this film the best that it could be! Any other actor and this show would not nearly be as awesome as it is…with him!

  4. catokeeffe says:

    I can’t believe this thing lasted two minutes. Nowadays TV shows don’t even HAVE opening credits. Grey’s Anatomy just has a two second title screen.

  5. michaelsharples says:

    best theme tune EVER!!!

  6. imnothereactually says:

    u get to love trhe music

  7. Gemini700 says:

    I liked how towards the end of each episode they did one minute of the next leap to keep you in suspense of the next episode.

  8. MegaProvo says:

    brings a tear to the eye, i so loved this series in 1994, i watched every episode and cried on the last one at the tender age of 12, brings back memories, very nostalgic moment

  9. anomalousclouds says:

    @arevaloanthony word on that…

  10. arevaloanthony says:

    Dang… I remember this show, oh my I just realized how old I am…. But still nothin’ compares to the 80′s

  11. SpinKicksusplits86 says:

    sweet, nice vid

  12. SmokesdaGanja says:

    Will TV ever be as epic as the 80′s and 90′s? All there is are dumb reality shows and unfunny sitcoms. I only watch TV for sports nowadays

  13. barnabascrowe says:

    Thank you so much for uplaoding this! I was looking for this for ages!

  14. aferenbach says:

    to this day the opening voiceover still sends a shiver down my spine – such a shame that it got cancelled. I even remember where I was when the news broke.

  15. jimmybloodyjimmy says:

    this is what catholics believe in.

  16. chimebird says:

    Love that Scott Bakula!

  17. astewart2005 says:

    classic show

  18. MrConredsX says:

    he look like archon from Star Craft at 0:51

  19. MrConredsX says:

    Quantum leap,MCGywer,Knight Rider,A team and Airwolf forever!!!

  20. LenaDelovely says:

    Jesus, Scott Bakula looked exactly the same as he does now. I loved this show back in the day. The only bizarre episode being the one where he lept into the body of a monkey in a testing facility.

  21. crownwhite says:

    this brought tears to my eyes.. this intro took me back to a time when TV shows were great, I mean this show reminded me of when eveything was ok, the whole world was different. It was because of shows like Quantum Leap that I am the person whom i am today… I mean shows like these were great.. Thanks Scott Bakula!!!

  22. oceandrivejr says:

    LOVE this show, this deserves way more views!!

  23. Shotgunnova says:

    Man, what a theme. Mike Post is a bloomin’ genius.

  24. ChildePC says:

    So he has his own stargate but goes back in time with it.

  25. kaizer3000 says:

    omg..i missed the series so much…when the episodes were aired in my country, i was but a kid who barely speaks nor understands english…in the end i barely understand the story at all, but thanks to current technology (dvdrip n torrents, i love u!!) i am able to re-watch the entire series and understand the story finally…

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