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Quantum Leap Intro / Opening – JUST THE INTRO (episode clip seamlessly edited out)

This is the Ultimate Quantum Leap intro obtainable because it is high quality, and more importantly since I edited out the episode clip, which changed from show to show, and just left the part you want to see- the opening of the show! The opening I chose to use was from season 4, which I really feel was the ideal version because it featured all of the greatest clips from prior seasons, and it’s just prior to season five ruined the opening with the horrible song alter. Enjoy!!!

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25 Responses to “Quantum Leap Intro / Opening – JUST THE INTRO (episode clip seamlessly edited out)”

  1. Zanny37 says:

    I love this theme tune. It makes me happy.

  2. b3nmitchell says:

    I’m very glad that everyone appreciates this show as much as I do. I was looking for a decent quantum leap opening last year, and there wasn’t one, so I uploaded this. It holds some very powerful memories for me, so much that when I’m down, sometimes I’ll watch this intro and it lifts my mood. A testament to the power of good media. Anyways, enjoy!

  3. Vandalous says:

    Ha, I swear people must randomly dislike things, what about this innocuous program trailer is there to actually go out of your way to ‘dislike’?

  4. TheFatAmericans1 says:

    Oh god I remember this , one of the best memories of my childhood

  5. MichaelCharles2011 says:

    @sw204me I did too.

  6. LeastLikedCritic75 says:

    this show was awesome

  7. yazerazo says:

    ok fun fact…i met him at a music store back in the 90′s…i was standing right behind him and was freaking out…he just turned around and smiled at me. my sister was like, “say hi” but i just froze up…this was one of my favorite shows ever!

  8. CharlieALabtech says:

    Best show ever made

  9. pcaz101 says:

    Just watched Source Code and needed to watch this again.

  10. FrankHoboMaster says:

    The great this about this show’s that it didn’t feel like a TV show, it felt like watching a movie. It was acted, shot, and even special effects looked and felt like movie quality.

  11. murphy3162 says:

    @cyclopstb do you mean the one where Sam is a rock star?

    It’s the season 3 episode “Glitter Rock”. It’s one of my favorites.

  12. cyclopstb says:


    What the name of this episode.

  13. therealjoebloggs says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, boy!

  14. NWguy83 says:

    Chuck Norris would have been an even better fit for the role.

  15. wildhorse1986 says:

    @milovy What about the R4 DVDs?

  16. 2MBoy says:

    I grew watching this =ยด)

  17. ciroslive says:

    @milovy They DO appear in the Hulu Plus version of this series FYI

  18. Thelopius says:

    We were wondering if you could help us again by allowing our episode that pays homage to this great tv show to be a response video to your Intro video.
    We are just trying to gain more viewers and fans, we appreciate it so much.

  19. Thelopius says:

    I am a long time fan of Quantum Leap and so are all my friends. Recently we decided to pay homage to the show in our gardening show that we produce. Thank you so much for posting the intro to the show. Its saved us so much time, we viewed it over a hundred times so that we could shoot the intro shot for shot.

  20. BlackScarabZ says:

    I gotta say it would be fun to do that, but not forever for a day maybe. Well a day in my time.

  21. RelevantOne says:

    Love this Intro. It’s gotta be up in my top 5 of all time along with Jack of all Trades, and Firefly

  22. Kickboxer10101 says:

    Masterpiece. Nothing to add.

  23. ponquinful says:

    Intro is soooooooo weird for such an action packed show.

  24. gurujee666999 says:

    I used to want to skip homework and schoolday by leaping into an adult’s body. Boy what a mistake.

  25. shaloneithne says:

    @RaeRae914 oh good.

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