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Puppet Playtime-Howdy Doody intro

Hey KIDS! What time is it?
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25 Responses to “Puppet Playtime-Howdy Doody intro”

  1. JonFrumTheFirst says:

    Edward Kean, RIP. Wrote Howdy Doody theme song.

  2. ishouldplayzelda says:

    i’m sure it was a really great show and all but… howdy doody scares the hell out of me.

  3. 1970ChevyChevelleFan says:

    know it from back to the future III :)

  4. VrtcllyChllnged says:

    ugh no HD haha jk

  5. gerkins1 says:

    It’s Howdy Doody Time Again!

  6. SPC700 says:

    @raider8sox yes. howdy doody time! :D

  7. karrrido says:

    toy story 2 influence…?

  8. DuranDarlingx3 says:

    When I was 14, I was in the car with my grandpa and a friend. He started telling this story about “Howdy Doody time” and then mentioned how my dead grandmother used to say that when she wanted to have sex. I am so scarred. >_<

  9. raider8sox says:

    Wait, Wasnt This In Back To The Future III???

  10. NatePinky says:

    sometimes I think this Howdy guy and me were separated at birth….

  11. rudolphzoo says:

    Let’s be honest here, the kids singing is awful.

  12. rudolphzoo says:

    ‘Well Howdy Doody Freckles.’

  13. thesteaktc says:

    Well Howdy Doody! I think Sawyer from LOST got inspiration from this show.

  14. solaire66 says:

    I wish i could have lived in the 50s!

  15. tinylittlewings says:


  16. LORETOSX says:

    stupid aster doody is better

  17. framer98 says:

    Yes that last message is just for you dalilbros>

  18. framer98 says:

    its mOlester you idiot!!!!!!!!!! People like you are just plain ignorant is all just unable to have some fun without trashing something!! Go back to Iraq.

  19. dalilbros11 says:

    i bet the clown is a child mallester

  20. jdrock0 says:

    Pedobear says you must watch!! LOL

  21. jianfongyaw says:


  22. joan106 says:

    Wasn’t he quite the character back then

  23. andrewduhmetroid says:

    my dad used to love howdy doody

  24. JoshuaBrianRowe says:

    the times 9:43

  25. muppetspuppets says:

    they need shows like this still!

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