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Here is a generic promo for the 1960s series THE TIME TUNNEL!

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25 Responses to “Promo for THE TIME TUNNEL!!”

  1. Marvcohen says:

    it was a hokey show but I watched every episode more than twice

  2. ThePropagandart says:

    Vintageeffect!!!!!terribleeee jajajaja, i love the tunel/few budget
    gracias mi hermano for the 80′s

  3. dosomethin808 says:

    I’m watching the series right now on Hulu. My dad introduced it to me, says he used to watch it when he was a kid. Pretty interesting show.

  4. gadzoomtoo says:

    I loved the show. Love the computer seems they never turned out like that but we are still using software from that era.

  5. PrometeumYT says:

    I used to love this kind of sci-fi crap, now I can’t help thinking about it’s condenscending plot and political propaganda.

  6. TheVarnicle says:

    Oh how I love the 1960′s effects used xD

  7. SoloPiensoEnLaVagina says:

    Can Someone Upload The Episodes in HD

  8. wentshow says:

    @mustang607 Actually, it said “billions” of dollars.

  9. senorbellaco says:

    @steve0englewoodFL …and where is this Robert Cobert now?I never even heard of him before getting the first season on dvd,lol.

  10. TooleMan87 says:

    I remember seeing this promo in the summer of 1966 and being very excited about the series. Good stuff.

  11. edsquidful says:

    Brings back great memories!

  12. youtub3k says:

    I have this very promo on 16mm color & sound film. Bought it for $30 back in the mid 1970s. I wonder what it’s worth today? I think the DVD set has the same promo. So I gave up on the idea of transferring film to disc. This clip looks like it was shot with a home video camera. The outer edges are “rounded” by the camera lens. BTW, at 0:18 you hear the live pyro charges, rather than the canned sound effects. A editing flaw of this rushed promo.

  13. lookingbill1 says:

    this was one of my favorite tv shows……the voice sounds similar to the one from lost in space.

  14. mustang607 says:

    A billion dollars? The Time Tunnel project is cheap these days! Shows you how much REAL inflation has suck the wealth we produce and socialized it into massive national debt and liabilities, in which we well over one hundred trillion dollars.
    Time does not stop. The debt clock is still ticking.

  15. senorbellaco says:

    Ever notice that the theme music was composed by a Johnny Williams?It’s the same John Williams, the guy who did the soundtracks for Star Wars,Superman,Close Encounters,Jaws and many others.He also did Land Of The Giants, I think.

  16. mavivirgie says:

    was he crazy it was one of the best sc fi series ever they should of renewed it for a second season

  17. steve0englewoodFL says:

    @mavivirgie , Yeah, it was Robert Cobert. I remember the article very clearly.

  18. mavivirgie says:


  19. haysenor says:

    it’s incredible, this series was one of the fantastic si-fi series, i love it. grettings from guayaquil

  20. steve0englewoodFL says:

    @senorbellaco , it wasn’t James Darren, it was that other gu, the co-star with Darren. I remember it well, as a kid I didn’t understand why he wanted “this great show” to be cancelled.

    Now of course, it’s easy to see his point.

  21. senorbellaco says:

    Who said it?

  22. steve0englewoodFL says:

    What a POS!! The co-star went public and said and hoped the show would get cancelled because it was such a piece of junk. He got his wish.

    As a 10 year old kid back in 1965, I thought this show was awesome, but, I saw it somewhere on cable in the 1990′s, and, well, POS!!

  23. pcsbeat says:

    great childhood memories….the inspiration for Quantum Leap

  24. Eddiesix says:

    I LOVED this show….one of my favorites when I was a kid in the sixties. Very imaginative, cool stories!

  25. altfactor says:

    This promo is actually a few seconds short of a minute….probably so a voice-over announcement can be added to mention “Fridays at 8, 7 Central and Mountain, only on ABC!”.

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