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Priceless Moments with Bill Cullen

A couple of issues I discovered on DVDs that produced me laugh. Not to create it up, but the last clip in the set is my favorite Bill Cullen ad-lib.
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25 Responses to “Priceless Moments with Bill Cullen”

  1. bluebear1985 says:

    @TerrorBlack He was kidding about the biscuit part. When he mentioned NBC, I think he meant the network this version was broadcast on.

  2. TerrorBlack says:

    I wonder what those 40 shares of Nabisco stock would be worth today.

  3. storrs19 says:

    Bill’s references to the the Pittsburgh Pirates winning the world series in 1960 are priceless. They would win again in 1979. Now they haven’t had a winning season since 1992.

  4. StFidjnr says:

    @ 4:17 there he goes.

  5. Drivermatic says:

    @bluebear1985 From a broadcasting point of view its darn close. When did Marconi get his patent 1901?

  6. bluebear1985 says:

    @Drivermatic Well, if you think of 1944 as the dawn of time, then yeah. At least that’s how long Don pardo has been with NBC.

  7. onemooners says:

    @bluebear1985 seen him on two, and even think hes better than Dick Clark on pyramid

  8. onemooners says:

    see what you mean!!!! :D

  9. bluebear1985 says:

    Uncle Bill must have been making quite a bit at the time, because in addition to hosting this on NBC, he was also a regular panelist on “I’ve Got a Secret” on CBS.

  10. bluebear1985 says:

    The original version, which as you can see was hosted by Bill Cullen, aired from 1956-1965. It was a different kind of show back then.

  11. chrisjman says:

    THANK YOU so much for posting this. I miss the BW game shows so much since GSN TURNED ITS BACK on classic game shows. : (

  12. MikeHL78 says:

    As I like to say every time I see something of Bill’s I’ve never seen before, it’s the master at work. :) I’d heard about the last clip but had never seen it. Great stuff!

  13. colBoh says:

    I could see that… some black hair dye, some thick-glasses… of course Mr. Damon would need to adopt a nasally charming voice…

  14. SueBeaWho says:

    I am such an idiot I almost turned this clip off cuz I thought it was really in French. You know, like an american clip dubbed into French. So glad I hung in there the whole 5 seconds. Dum-Dum me at times!! And yeah they should do a movie about his life or do one movie about all the greats: Gary Moore, Gene Rayburn, John Charles Daly etc etc etc sorry can’t list all of them but you know what I mean.

  15. drunkenuff says:

    They soooooooo need to do a movie of Bill Cullen’s life. Matt Damon would be a dead ringer for a young Bill…damn near identical.

  16. hoosierlooker says:

    Complete entertainment unit…ROTFL!!

  17. fonna says:

    Thank you.
    NOW I remember.
    I use to wonder why it was “The New…” I use to think they were faking that it was on before….XD

  18. colBoh says:

    35 years ago, the show you’re referring to was called “The NEW Price Is Right” – a drastically-changed revival of the original – what you see here.

    -Kataang & MaiKo 4.F.R.!

  19. fonna says:

    WhhhhhAT! The Price is Right was on back then?
    I thought that show started at about 35 years ago.

  20. davemock says:

    Forget “come on down” – he decided to fall on down! Mr Cullen was smart to hold him in place when that bonus bell went off.

  21. Drivermatic says:

    Man, Don Pardo is the anouncer during the entertainment center clip……he’s been around since the dawn of time? Still on SNL!

  22. colBoh says:

    Oh yeah, those were the days…
    Are the clips at 4:10 and 6:08 related?

  23. Noveltooner says:

    Uncle Bill, you’re the BEST (and the same goes for “Price” creator and original producer (albeit under Goodson-Todman), Bob Stewart.

  24. Noveltooner says:

    Bob Barker wouldn’t have been caught dead doing this stuff; he was too much of a “star.”

  25. tjm3774 says:

    The clip that begins at 4:10 is absolutely, hilariously priceless!!!

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