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Press Your Luck – The Famous Spin Battle!

In 1984, Press Your Luck history was made when two excitable contestants, Cathy and Lori, engaged in a “Spin battle” of epic proportion. When a spin is passed on Press Your Luck, the receiving player MUST take that spin. What happens when that spin just WON’T GO AWAY? Watch.

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25 Responses to “Press Your Luck – The Famous Spin Battle!”

  1. voltairex999 says:

    @M51210 that’s a racist comment big head

  2. jfachris says:


  3. parliboy says:

    @FenrirLupus Rule that you don’t like != stupid rule.

  4. FenrirLupus says:

    @biruss Well that’s a stupid rule…

  5. biruss says:

    @FenrirLupus you pass it to the one in first or 2nd place. They couldn’t pas it to Randy!

  6. FenrirLupus says:

    They should have passed it to the guy on the left. That would be a bit less dangerous…

  7. SamJay57 says:

    that guy is like…’

    “Shit…dumb getting owned on live television!” mwahawhhw!

  8. sbtbfanatic says:

    Wow, Cathy was smoking hot!

  9. biruss says:

    Well at least Cathy had the satisfaction of knowing she was not wearing a bra! And she knew Lori’s boyfriend would be dumping Lori for her after the show.

  10. BigAl1976 says:

    @cd637299 – I daresay post-Larson. If it was pre-Larson, I’d spot 2-12-1-9-4 pretty quick, as well as 13-17-7-4 and 13-17-8 (the other two patterns Larson used).

  11. M51210 says:

    Damn Chinese

  12. unknown234 says:

    @shadydawg555 That’s where, if I were him, I’d kick my feet back, hands behind my head, and just relax.

  13. unknown234 says:

    This was my favorite game show of all time. Sucks about the end though, I had a feeling that was coming, but still that sucks.

  14. Mariofan103 says:

    Asians are TOO good…

  15. maldicientin says:

    That third contestant must’ve felt like a dork.

  16. cd637299 says:

    Was this pre- or post-Larsen?

  17. biruss says:

    @t1ngley I would have srceamed: DIIIIIIEEEE! BITCH!

  18. t1ngley says:

    Wow, if that happened to me I’d want to physically maul that other lady so bad it would eat me up inside.

  19. DJRaveN4x says:


  20. ShutEmDownNow says:

    at 3:58 – Awww …

  21. iammach6 says:

    @biruss: no, the Big O is the number 0.

  22. Narrator007 says:

    @RCGWNV and you would have lost

  23. RCGWNV says:

    WTF I’d have took the big screen

  24. biruss says:

    @hallpriest9 the big O is, if a may say this word on youtube, orgasm.

  25. biruss says:

    @corosequis on her 1st day, peter said that she was a lovely lady.

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