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Press Your Luck – The Famous Spin Battle!

In 1984, Press Your Luck history was produced when two excitable contestants, Cathy and Lori, engaged in a “Spin battle” of epic proportion. When a spin is passed on Press Your Luck, the receiving player Must take that spin. What happens when that spin just Won’t GO AWAY? Watch.
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25 Responses to “Press Your Luck – The Famous Spin Battle!”

  1. ckoperni says:

    This show was intense! It brought out the inner-gambler in every contestant. I like how her opponent apologises to her after losing $31,000!

  2. lordmaldad says:

    You say Drew Carey I say Bob Barker

    You say Meredith Vieira I say Gene Rayburn

    You say Jeff Foxworthy I say Richard Dawson

    You say Ben Bailey I say Ray Combs

    You say Ryan Seacrest I say Peter Tomarkin

    95% of teens these days watch the same crappy game shows over and over. if your one of the 5%? left who still watch real game shows, thumb this up, then copy and paste it to at least 5 video’s. DONT LET THE SPIRIT OF GAME SHOWS DIE

  3. trueblue4ky says:

    @JBieberFanLuv … That makes it EXCITING.

  4. biruss says:

    @kobeistheman100 well, lori fraternized with the control room guy to win the game, so lori’s boyfriend dumped her for cathy! He later won 5 days thnksgiving of 84!

  5. Angie2343 says:

    @kobeistheman100 I’d smack the audience for being a large peanut gallery.

  6. mightyjoe911 says:

    I love these old game show

  7. LilSC19 says:

    @JBieberFanLuv Wtf does Justin Bieber have to do with Whammy. Justin Bieber came a long way before whammy. Get your timeline fixed or dont say anything at all.

  8. LilSC19 says:

    @CJBojangles You tell that bitch.

  9. LilSC19 says:

    Get owned

  10. lla26 says:

    4:00 = EPIC FAIL!

  11. kobeistheman100 says:

    I smack that bitch

  12. Suzaku000 says:


    At this point, it just became personal.

  13. fluteplaya22593 says:

    I have this game for the wii but I highly doubt the computer players will have a war with me

  14. biruss says:

    Did i see what i thought i did? See-thru at 4:01! >:)

  15. corbaseball12 says:

    3:47 the kiss of death

  16. mathewbailey08 says:

    Correction- Beauty & the Beast 1987 s01 e01 part 5 5:04-5:09

  17. mathewbailey08 says:

    Found it-Beauty & the Beast 1987 s01 e07 part 5 5:04-5:09

  18. mathewbailey08 says:

    Anyone have the Beauty & the Beast CBS pilot episode Once Upon a Time in the City of New York? It features a clip from a Press Your Luck episode.

  19. megamanfan3 says:

    I bet the director was thinking of this epicness that was made by PYL.

  20. indianamerican10 says:

    HEARTBROKEN at 4:00 to the end!

  21. ninaakastar says:

    Cant believe i found this! i use to be scared of the whammy lol

  22. roundtrippa8 says:

    typical asians

  23. biruss says:

    @cmurockjock what if cathy had THEN hit the whammy?

  24. cmurockjock says:

    Wow, just think if Cathy would have hit that $1000 + one spin space in the corner, just a second sooner/later, she would have doubled her money to $60816!

  25. yammie75 says:

    Poor Cathy. I was cheering for her. If only Lori took the Color TV. (wind it back, you’ll see)

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