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Press Your Luck – Sylvester

The “Sylvester” incident + the wardrobe man runs into a surprise…
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25 Responses to “Press Your Luck – Sylvester”

  1. savedbyjesusblood says:

    Now that was a fail!

  2. HamptonRoadsTVFan says:

    Is it just me, or did the audience sound surprised when Tomarken said the answer was Daffy Duck?

  3. blozier2006 says:

    in a roundabout way, this can sort of give us some kind of scale as to just how huge that board was…

  4. blozier2006 says:

    @xanafanadu yes

  5. jrennhack says:

    The second round intro gave us a great look at the board up close. You can get a true look at just how big that board was. Peter was a pretty tall guy, and he only reaches “Luck.”

  6. Lehnerd57 says:

    Mel blanc fmous for all voices barney n other’s

  7. RockinMan09 says:

    LOL funny clip but we miss you Peter

  8. CaptainOvide says:

    Ha ha! Sylvester’s Wife can be seen in “A Mouse Divided” 3:02

  9. TheFrankenstein72 says:

    Actually, both Daffy and Sylvester have said the same catchphrase. I’m not sure who said it 1st. I just have heard Sylvester say it the most.

  10. TheFrankenstein72 says:

    @xanafanadu Yes that is he. RIP – Mel Blanc.

  11. jjlucash says:

    “Whammy! Whammy!” It must have been one of the cameramen inside the board in the black holes in the logo. That thing is massive!

  12. Klutzybear says:

    That was pretty fucking cool.

  13. frankydman says:

    Mel Blanc is one of the few people who can truly be labeled as “The man of 1000 voices”

  14. williamkatt81 says:

    RIP MEL BLANC… Cartoons are not the same without you…. It is INDEED Mel Blanc…

  15. davidwmb says:

    Bugs Bunny?

  16. LoticaStudios says:

    Best show ever. If you hate this, you don’t deserve the ability to see, hear, or even talk.

  17. Nevetsboy2 says:

    Ooh, ooh! I know! It’s Daffy Duck!

  18. CDCB2 says:

    What’s the episode # for this?

  19. tvtimetravel says:

    This aired one the same day as the emontional finale of Family Feud (Dawson), June 14, 1985.

  20. xoxSugah says:

    It is! :D

  21. xanafanadu says:

    is that mel blanc on the phone?

  22. patrickballoonman says:

    I don’t know if there will ever be a “Best of PYL” DVD set, but if so, this episode deserves to be on it!!!

  23. wontonnoodle23 says:

    Sorry, posted this comment during the middle of the video.

  24. wontonnoodle23 says:

    Did PYL remedy the situation to the contestants when they erred on the question?

  25. patrickballoonman says:

    If you ask me the question should’ve been: “You may have heard Sylvester the Cat utter the phrase, ‘Sufferin’ Succotash!’ in the Looney Tunes cartoon series. But Sylvester’s not the only one. Which other Looney Tunes character has ALSO been known for saying ‘Sufferin’ Succotash!’?”

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