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Press Your Luck – Michael Larson (Part 1)

The edited-for-broadcast version of his infamous run, as seen on GSN’s “50 Greatest Game Shows”

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25 Responses to “Press Your Luck – Michael Larson (Part 1)”

  1. TheTurtleSpy says:


  2. jpptgaiv says:

    He husseled them. You got to admire a man who has so much faith in his technique that he has the balls to hussel a game show

  3. RingtailStudios says:

    Peter: “We’re gonna have Big Bucks today, I can feel it!”

    Me: Peter, I think that’s a VERY Big understatement on this episode.

  4. brentonio says:

    Michael knew how the system worked. The pattern was tile 2, tile 12, tile 1, tile 9, then tile 4 which was the tile he would always win on because it never had a whammy on it. The tiles don’t have numbers on them but just number them from the top left corner across and around and you will see how it works.

    The system was not random, it was all based on patterns. He just memorised the patterns. That is how he did it.

  5. SunHinata18 says:

    I read about Michael in a book about forgotten American Heros

  6. gpciie says:

    I’ve seen these episodes dozens of times but I just now noticed something. Pause at 3:35 and look up at square 4. $3000 (or possibly $4000) + ONE SPIN is still there. Square 2 is showing something. By the time Michael tells us that FDR is on the $50 bill, the board is clear.

  7. felineki says:

    This story has intrigued me for a long time, but I hadn’t actually seen the episode until now. Thanks for the upload.

  8. wiiguy145 says:

    ok hes off a bad start, so what but he over $100,000 in the 2nd round so yeah

  9. doowoppingchainsawer says:

    cdcnyy, what do you mean 2-12-etc? What pattern did he use? There aren’t numbers up there and it certainly isn’t seconds. Also, what did Peter mean about Ed buying e cup brassiers?

  10. Freecell82 says:

    Coincidence, not irony.

  11. keshalashay says:

    RIP Michael Larson (throat cancer, May 10, 1949 – February 16, 1999) and Peter Tomarken, Host, (Private Plane crash, December 7, 1942 – March 13, 2006)

  12. RBCFDDR says:

    0:13 Pool table! XD

    Ok, so this guy said 50-dollar bill and spun a Whammy. No big deal…yet.

  13. italiandom7221991 says:

    1:25 irony, “we got big bucks today i can feel it.”

  14. southplnk says:

    the broad getting 10 spins was also a 1st

  15. southplnk says:

    michael is a legend

  16. 3of11 says:

    “hopefully you won’t OD on money”

    Hoe prophetic.

  17. xanafanadu says:

    aww poor him. i was embarassed for him

  18. LiSyaoran81 says:

    This guy went crazy and started taking his money out of the bank (over $40,000) every single day in ALL SINGLES, and then redeposit it, just to take it out again the next day. He was trying to win a radio contest where they gave a dollar bills serial # every day and if you had the bill you won a prize. He left his 40,000 singles in a bag in his house one day and it was stolen leaving him penniless. He died while on the run from the FBI because of a lottery scheme he was involved in. Google him.

  19. tbagriot says:

    And to think, the whole time he knows the other players are f***ed, lol.

  20. Rachman1337 says:

    lol michael’s cracking me up. everyone’s thinking “boy this guys retarded” after the FDR question…. LOL!!! he will PWN them. funny man. Icecream truck driver? wt!!!!

  21. carsuck7 says:

    look how fast there clapping at 40 seconds .they look like a bunch of monkeys

  22. DJCandyManMike says:

    Oh yes he did! But he was the only one who knew.

  23. mygamespeaks23 says:

    LMFAO “50 dollar bill”

  24. pacman5698 says:


  25. dartjuice says:

    Television is beautiful.

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