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Press Your Luck | GST Whammy collection

A special video from the Game Show Temple. Along with the intro music of Press Your Luck, a complete collection of Whammy mishaps where the Whammy would dance into your PYL wallet
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25 Responses to “Press Your Luck | GST Whammy collection”

  1. luvindogadis411 says:

    Hey, where’s the Boy George Whammy?

  2. LtSeth242 says:

    @mtiller2006 This is an awesoem compiliation! you should do a compiliation of the 2000 series from GSN!

  3. sed1228 says:

    Jean’s reaction at 2:30 is so funny that it’s priceless!

  4. shadowstrike2123 says:

    I love this show! It reminded me of a video game so much! Oh, how I miss it so! Bring it back! Gamers of the world unite!

  5. BIGGGEDDD666 says:

    Hey, where’s the boy george Whamy?!

  6. JeezaLou says:

    Damn lost $10,736 that sucks!!

    One if by check, two if by cash, the whammies are coming to steal your cash!

  7. JavaHappyHumanoid says:

    @CommonSence2008 getoverit

  8. trulychloe says:

    what would a whammy look like if it was dressed like john rzeznik?

  9. Dannymac82 says:

    1:56 It’s funny how the Whammy is surfing and says it’s a Wipeout which would be the name of another Game show Peter Tomarken Hosted.

  10. MsSkorpeo says:

    the Michael Jackson whammy was the best…lol

  11. chairmanofthebored1 says:

    The explosion one is my favorite, lol.

  12. WWERocks74 says:

    some of these whammys sound like Elmo

  13. barber215 says:

    i love the whammy with the jackhammer!!!!

  14. c3section says:

    But he entered round 2 with only two spins.

  15. TheDragonBoss says:

    @c3section Maxie took more than two spins (he took at least 8 that game that i counted)

  16. TheDragonBoss says:

    My fave whammy is the Sherlock Holmes whammy and the Bullfighter Whammy

  17. funtyrone says:

    the whammy’s got a tank! stand back! he’s gonna blow!

  18. matthewfein says:

    That’s my favorite one too!

  19. TheUndertakerfan2002 says:

    0:40 Ooh, Bitten by the shark

  20. DarksparkNecrobat says:

    This is hilarious ^^ LOL

    Thanks for uploading it ^^

  21. nextbarker says:

    Was Laverne’s surfing whammy the last time version 1 of the surfing whammy was played?

  22. c3section says:

    Two of my favorite whammies were hit by Two-Spin Maxie.

  23. KoraggRules says:

    where did you get the song for the intro?

  24. CommonSence2008 says:

    I like the Michael Jackson whammy.

    R.I.P. Michael Jackson

    R.I.P. Peter Tomarkin

  25. steadybeau says:

    Yeah, and I am pretty sure that show had a Madonna whammy as well.

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