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President Obama and Jay Leno at White Home Correspondents Dinner

President Obama and Jay Leno trade jokes at the 2010 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in Washington, DC (Leno’s visual aids were unfortunately unavailable)

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25 Responses to “President Obama and Jay Leno at White Home Correspondents Dinner”

  1. leodeibson10 says:

    Stand up of Obama.

  2. nicexy2212 says:

    @FaceForRadio63 ¬°Wow! that’s the deepest answer that I’ve ever got in my life!

  3. FaceForRadio63 says:

    @nicexy2212 Because they’re the White House and you aren’t.

  4. nicexy2212 says:

    Why the white house can upload videos with more than 30 minutes and I don’t?

  5. MixTapeHomez says:

    Did the president just say : a big “fucking” meal? hahaha

  6. buckwildbendeep says:

    @expertcinema ok there bro do some research. radical? or realist thats more like it. quit bein ignorant to the facts.

  7. expertcinema says:

    @buckwildbendeep shut the fuck up u radical!

  8. buckwildbendeep says:

    Palin for prez! Anyone but Obama as long as everyone keeps switching out the prez
    Every 4 years illuminati can’t mind control them in time

  9. nmarkworth11 says:

    He’s gonna take Jay’s spot when he’s done being president.

  10. boricuamm707 says:

    Seth Meyers was way more funny tbh.

  11. raiden241 says:

    Ron Paul for Presidetn 2012 yes we can!!!!!!!!!!!! lets all do what we can to spread the message!!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody already know that obama is a lier, he gave more power to the federal reserve cartel, filled the white house with bankers, renewed the patriot act against our civil liberties, started more wars & raised the national dept threw the roof!!!!!!

  12. TheWhyRemember says:

    no reason arrest . newsvine . com

  13. mobonit says:

    we need a Hip Hop President vote for Del Shawn Armstrong.. Cast you votes check out my youtube .. mobonit…

  14. blizzardking69 says:

    Where is Conan???????

  15. drusuf000 says:

    Great to see a President leading the nation from the White House instead of cutting brush in Texas..Trolls get on youtube and scream that he’s the worst President in history, but that only proves they have the worst short term memory in history

  16. TheFatherinme says:

    please look at my vids, father needs help

  17. 191x7 says:

    To think, just hours before this he ordered the Assassination of Osama bin Laden.

  18. CorporateRule says:

    Thank you President Obama 2011 has proven to be the single most lucrative year yet with ongoing tax-funded Federal cash-injections and unprecedented fiscal spending on energy exports!
    Obama’s expanded contracts for offshore drilling with BP and his plan for Nuclear Power is great!
    Nuke Power and Offshore Drilling are among the safest, most economical ways to boost Wall Street profits, and may even help attract investors from Central Banking Cartels and High-Rolling profiteers like Goldman Sachs.

  19. kkk7hh says:

    is that real he said fking meal omg lol

  20. GailCamino says:

    nice movie..watched this in webmovietube for free

  21. bobbyz23 says:

    @CaptainAAllen I meant he got reelected 2 terms, if he can, anybody can.

  22. CaptainAAllen says:

    @bobbyz23 huh? Bush can’t be reelected. He already served 2 time.

  23. bobbyz23 says:

    No he didnt just happen to be the President who finally found Osama he had the intelligence to act on intelligence.Not like Bush who said “I’m really not concerned about Bin Laden “If Bush had the intelligence to act on Intelligence ,he would have been captured or killed 10yrs ago.Hence this war, that have caused 1000′s of deaths and trillions of taxpayers money ,like yourself ,you are a taxpayer right?

    bobbyz23 1 second ago

  24. CaptainAAllen says:

    @bobbyz23 How exactly was that gusty? He wasn’t the one of the soldiers to go in and kill Osama. He also promised to get the troops out of the middle east during his campaign and he didn’t, and following Bush’s policies. He just happened to be the President when we finally found Osama.

  25. bobbyz23 says:

    @CaptainAAllen If Bush got reelected, i mean come on ,case closed.

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