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Port Charles: The Gift Finale Pt. 3

The Truth Comes Out…(It Never Should Have Ended!!!)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Port Charles: The Gift Finale Pt. 3”

  1. tinalbp says:

    It was so good, how could they end it that way? Another brainless move by Brian Frons!

  2. mamaygr says:

    @jeff97ish Ha think how we felt when it got canceled and this was how they left everything! It was a fun show, thank goodness for you tube clips.

  3. jeff97ish says:

    I hate that they took this off of the Soap network. I never really watched it when it was on in Daytime, but I had started watching the reruns on Soap and just when I got interested: BAM! They take it off. Bummer.

  4. NicolaWriter says:

    PC was ahead of it’s time. If it was out now with the vampires and werewolves thing,it’d be a hit.

  5. SaveMeWithYourLove says:

    this was my favorite show in elementary! and it still is! God i wish they would bring this back on! it was such a good show!

  6. lilsushigirl says:

    I kinda hated how the show turned into all supernatural things, but I still loved Port Charles!
    It should have never ended! And I hated the big cliffhanger finale! :(
    I wish SoapNet would still play PC repeats! D:

  7. papillon1211 says:

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! It shouldnt have ended like this. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  8. iluvsteveburton2much says:

    damn thats messed up kelly can never get a man all to herself w/o him having a baby with someone else.

  9. shaeandwizards says:


  10. Frank33314 says:

    The show started to be about doctors and nurses in Port Charles, NY and ended up being about vampires. Just like GH is mainly about the mob.

  11. txgurl2 says:

    supposedly. the ratings were bad and they couldn’t afford to keep it

  12. irmhsva says:

    @piperlynne i screamed too. i scream inside everytime i see this episode.

  13. nagidrummer says:

    They should have never ended PC!

  14. KHANSDYN says:


  15. JaSamAlwyz23 says:

    I forgot that…I haven’t watched that part over again yet…so it’s not fresh in my head…lol…but that makes sense!

  16. irmhsva says:

    lol yea but i think she was afraid because she really could hurt him. wolf blood are dangerous to vampires…remember when livvie bit her and she got really sick afterwards, if jamal were too bite her he would get the same. then agian well never KNOW!!! DAMN ABC!!!!!!

  17. JaSamAlwyz23 says:

    Yup, now that wasn’t so bad…vamp and wolf…what tha heck was she afraid of? I’m sure she can see that PC is not ur average small lil

  18. JaSamAlwyz23 says:

    Caleb visits, she says “I will alwyz luv u Caleb, for eternity. But, I don’t have to EVER see you again! I’m tired of the way we hurt each other, all I wanted was to be loved and I was wrong to think that u could truly give me that. I see that now.” Caleb: “Olivia we’re bonded for eternity, u can’t walk away from me.” Livvie: “It will hurt more than u kno to be apart from you, but Caleb I’d rather feel this pain than the pain of being w/ u for an eternity! No more, I’m done being hurt by u!”

  19. JaSamAlwyz23 says:

    My fanfiction would have gone something like….Livvie has a breakdown and ask Caleb why he had to come in her life in change it so, when it was good. Why did he have to split her and suck all of the good out of her. He tries to hold her, she pulls away & disappears…ends up at Jacks doorstep. Tells him that he was right about everything. Cries then goes to see her father…apologizes to him and ask for his help. He lets her spend the night.

  20. iluvsoaps09 says:

    damn i wanna see what happens next…they so need to start this show up again!!

  21. piperlynne says:

    OMG…I screamed at the end of this episode out of anger and frustration because it ended so…so.. ugh I can’t even think of a good word for it. I didn’t want it to end! BAH!

  22. irmhsva says:

    i think 4 both

  23. kikigurr says:

    I don’t understand a fact : Caleb married olivia For lovo o for revenge ?

  24. animegrl2000 says:

    My “fanfiction” guess. Livey went ballistic finding out that Allison was having Caleb’s baby. And with a little part of his heart given to Allison in that night, Livey will go a little crazy and try to kill her. Since she can’t have children, she will probably try to kill Allison after the baby was born then try to raise it as her own. But, we’ll never know…

  25. DramaKnolls says:

    Wonder what happens next.

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