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Port Charles: The Gift Finale Pt. 1

The Truth Comes Out
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8 Responses to “Port Charles: The Gift Finale Pt. 1”

  1. Fitzbugs says:

    Oh, how I used to love this show. This video brings back so many memories and emotions. I loved Rafe and Allison together so much. Didn’t he eventually become an angel or something? And wasn’t Caleb a vampire? Or didn’t he have a priest twin brother? Do you have the whole Port Charles series on here? Do you know if it’s on DVD? Also, is it still airing? Thank you for posting!

  2. JaSamAlwyz23 says:

    @crisvanfan Yup, it just all went so wrong. I really wanted to see the story play out. I don’t care that Livvie got turned into the bad girl. I love KeMo, and I liked character Livvie from the start! KeMo just brought her to life same as she did with Sam McCall.

  3. crisvanfan says:

    @JaSamAlwyz23 cuz she didn’t want to believe it. in the last couple episodes livvie could sense something was off but she didn’t want to believe it. and i think in the end caleb had changed his mind about telling her until she asked him point blank what was wrong.

  4. JaSamAlwyz23 says:

    Why the heck didn’t she believe him when he came home that night and told her point blank he was with her “worst enemy.” He only changed his story then cuz he wasn’t sure if he wanted to hurt her by saying so or punish her with what she did.

  5. irmhsva says:

    idk but probably because hes still mad at her for what she did. its ironic on the last episode he states “all your wishes come true” considering the whole theme from this arc is BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.

  6. JaSamAlwyz23 says:

    Why did he prick her with that rose then suck her finger???

  7. ShayIsMyName says:

    wow so long ago!

  8. COMAPRYGENT says:

    thank you

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