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This is not more port charles promos, ok it is more port charles promos
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12 Responses to “PORT CHARLES PROMOS”

  1. jeff97ish says:

    I wish I had gotten to see all of this series. I watched a few on Soapnet for awhile, but they quit showing them. It ticked me off b/c I am not a soap fan, but I loved watching this show due to the vampirism and supernatural stuff. Really cool!

  2. cordofthree777 says:

    wish I had gotten into this show when it was on, I wish soapnet would actually be faithful to what they are supposed to be about DAYTIME DRAMA not Nightime drama DAYTIME! Start airing old soaps that no longer run, live up to your network name!

  3. irmhsva says:

    @ZaffireWolf thats y atwt is now cancelled. damn that cbs

  4. jessicalynndrake says:

    Does anyone know if soap net is going to start showing this again? We use to watch this after Field Hockey practice in College. I miss it!

  5. GenXorcist1976 says:

    I wish we really COULD still watch this on SOAP NET… now it’s riddled with such crap I wonder why I have the package that carries it…

  6. PaRoDyViSiOn says:

    They should start showing this on Youtube “shows.”

  7. monte702 says:

    I ilked Port Charles, I LOVED when Allson and Jamal were together. Rafe and Allison were DULL

  8. Fallenangel2904 says:

    Another one of my fav acts! GAHH! I miss PC!!

  9. beachbabe20 says:

    oh i see…..hmmmmm…..well, i miss it…i hate how people are these days when it comes to soap operas..they assume that they’re are stupid and they don’t even give any a chance.

  10. ZaffireWolf says:

    Because people have no taste or imagination, so “reality television” becomes popular. Every good show has always been killed by the ratings game, which probably has to do with the fact TV networks are run by vampires.

  11. anastasiabelle says:

    Ratings and whatnot. Because it was a 30 minute soap, nobody took it seriously.

  12. beachbabe20 says:

    this was my fav soap but i got mad when they ended it do u know why they did??

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