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Port Charles Naked Eyes music video

Port charles throughout the years…

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25 Responses to “Port Charles Naked Eyes music video”

  1. MsBluheart says:

    still one of the hottest vampires ever!! amazing music as well. thanks for the sweet video!!

  2. StarryEyesSixx says:

    By the way, I’ve heard that the band Day Six may have possibly been the band who performed the songs that the Steven Clay Exp did on PC, but I’m not sure. Does anyone know if this is correct or not?

  3. StarryEyesSixx says:

    Anyone know where I can get all of the music from The Stephen Clay Experience? I love this stuff!! But it sucks that I can only listen to it on YouTube.
    Gawd, I REALLY miss PC!!! Really glad I get to watch Michael Easton on OLTL tho!!! Idk what I’d do if I didn’t get to see his gorgeous face everyday!

  4. nessia18 says:

    @fangbanger1964 Don’t forget Eighteen Straight Whiskeys, that book kills Soul Stealer.

  5. ILuvZacEfron18 says:

    where can we get lyrics? ive been dying for these!

  6. fangbanger1964 says:

    this show was so ahead of it’s time! look at twilight, true blood, and vampire diarys! Michael Easton will never die..After all his alter ego has eternal life…I have these all on vhs..Michael Easton also is a great writer…Check out his novels the Soul Stealer sagas….

  7. ralphjb says:

    could anyone post the lyrics if they know them?

  8. txgurl2 says:

    on gh @ jake’s(my bad)

  9. txgurl2 says:

    all of em, especially anything that dealt with caleb

  10. txgurl2 says:

    abc owns all songs from port charles. so this is pretty much the only place you can get it that i know of. there was a website but it’s shut down. it sux cuz abc’s been playing newborn heart almost every week and it’s pure torture.

  11. xCriminalBabyx says:

    this was my all time favorite soap opera

  12. ralphjb says:

    i know that caleb is singing it. i meant where can i download it because i can’t find it.

  13. GHsamlusamjasamfan says:

    @ralphjb it’s already on there caleb is the one singing it

  14. tinalbp says:

    Caleb was so hot!

  15. shalonda1011 says:

    I love it its so cool i Love GENERAL HOSPITAL AND Almost all soaps

  16. ralphjb says:

    where did you get the naked eyes song?

  17. DharmaRocks1425 says:

    That is so true and I love your name. I think they should have left it on the air because the best super couple is Alison and Rafe and nothing in current daytime has anything that remotely matches up to what this show did. They are all about the same plots but PC can go down in history for thinking outside of the box, yes the ratings weren’t so great but for those who watched never gave up. Tell me what ARC is your all time fav, mine was Tempted

  18. DharmaRocks1425 says:

    I am a diehard fan of PC and would love to know where you have the full episodes. I never got to see the last week of them before they were off the air. Missed out on how it ended, Thanks for helping

  19. kingkingnine says:


  20. pcfan4life says:

    Hi, I have ALL of the full episodes of every Arc for sale on my website so if your interested just let me know.

  21. prissy020304 says:

    i think they’re still playing them on the channel soapnet.idk know where they’d be.

  22. alley1987xx says:

    does anyone know why they took port charles off i love that show

  23. EmbraceMe711 says:

    this is such a cool video. Go soapfan88! I wish general hospital and port charles was never cancelled! :(

  24. EmbraceMe711 says:

    does anyone know where the full episodes are?

  25. 069780 says:

    press 222 if u like hot girls and want 2 see me naked

    does anyone here like 2pac? lO

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