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Port Charles: Caleb takes Livvie to his villa

In the course of Taitned Really like, Caleb takes Livvie away to his private villa and tries to convince her that they are destined to be with 1 another away from Jack and her family.
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Port Charles: Caleb takes Livvie to his villa”

  1. Jackieghosts says:

    @x3xRockStarrx3x Yup.
    I just they made a movie to bring us a last epsoide.

  2. x3xRockStarrx3x says:

    @Jackieghosts Indeed port charles had the best looking vampires to ever grace our tv screens without a doubt.

  3. Jackieghosts says:

    @x3xRockStarrx3x I just mad because buffy the vampire slayer had better looking vampires in it then twlilight but i thick port charles has the hottest vampires around.

  4. x3xRockStarrx3x says:

    @Jackieghosts So true ! The whole teenage vampire thing is really old and played out. I’m not saying they should be elderly but they need to be more mature looking.I agree with you whole heartly

  5. Jackieghosts says:

    @x3xRockStarrx3x I thick we need more men looking vampires and women looking vampires now in days because the one’s one twilight look to muchs like little kids.I love a men and a women to be my vampires and my dark dream i hate young teens.I a woman but a child anymore.Gave me a men or women

  6. calebcompton123 says:

    Yeah, I’m so cool!

  7. x3xRockStarrx3x says:

    @Jackieghosts lolll thanks it’s mutual

  8. Jackieghosts says:

    @x3xRockStarrx3x I love you for hating twilight

  9. x3xRockStarrx3x says:

    @Jackieghosts I agree, i don’t like twilight at all.

  10. Jackieghosts says:

    I thick livvie and caleb are both hot get in the middle of both of them.

  11. Jackieghosts says:

    @x3xRockStarrx3x this is more hoter then twilight

  12. Jackieghosts says:

    @lambchopclmt i agree with you

  13. suzy4of5 says:

    Livvie was a bitch to turn on Caleb! Why can’t the hot bad boys ever win?! WHY?!

  14. TheFeyNan says:

    How did I miss all this hot action!!!!! Kemo & ME….HMF’r

  15. gamewizard says:

    Is this the same set they used when Franco was in town and staying at the abandoned mansion? Some things are placed differently, but it looks like the same set for the most part.

  16. lambchopclmt says:

    He’s much better as Caleb than he is now as Mcbane on OLTL. I HATE john McBanes character, but he rocks as Caleb!

  17. x3xRockStarrx3x says:

    @Melissa1596 yeah

  18. x3xRockStarrx3x says:

    Twilight Saga’s my behind.. I remember watching this with my mom when I was little

  19. EspaSeXy7 says:

    This was the first Vampire show!! so awesome! I miss it!

  20. phreshJUNKIE says:

    @ALZ2525 oh wow, it is the same haha. i would’ve never guessed

  21. phreshJUNKIE says:

    I didn’t really get into this show but since I heard that Michael and Kelly were reuniting in a Soapnet webisode I decided to check out some clips. Im excited lol

  22. britfrenir says:

    @Melissa1596 You are probalby right. Somone mentioned on his web site about him being on a soap opera which I said was “Days Of Our Lives”.

  23. britfrenir says:

    @nerdgant Oh it’s not on anymore. I did not get to watch the rest of the episodes beause I did not know what time it was on. Also, I was not sure if I would like it very much since I missed first episodes.

  24. britfrenir says:

    There was a web site about “Two” and I think he said he was on “Days Of Our Lives” and a science fiction show I saw part of called “VR 5″. He also had an evil twin on “Two”.

  25. britfrenir says:

    I saw parts of certain episodes of this. I wonder when this started. I saw the actor who plays the man talking to the girl on a show called “Two” which was sydicated on UPN Power 50 in Gary Chicago. I saw that the actor also played a priest who has a brother who is a vampire or this man the vampire. There was a web site about “Two” and I think he said he was on “Days Of Our Lives” and a science fiction show I saw part of called “VR 5″.

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