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Pippin’s song (All Shall Fade)

My Facebook fanpage: Follow me @ This is the very first factor I upload here, I hope I sang it nicely enough… I actually love this song :)
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Pippin’s song (All Shall Fade)”

  1. donhuevone says:

    since when do th angels sing?

  2. ionuttheb says:

    stunning performance…you have a very beautiful voice my lady

  3. sourapplesoup says:

    did u sing this

  4. xRandomSarahx says:

    WOW you have one beautiful voice… it’s so captivating! <3

  5. 306cri says:

    it make me travel to ancient times!! thanks

  6. Vintagerun says:

    Hey really like the music, maybe you like mine?

    Hey really like the music, maybe you like mine?

  7. christhornton92 says:

    Good diction, good tuning, tambour, open vowels, ending consonants, range…did I mention it made me cry?

  8. MsKATHYZ1 says:

    wow… I luv Lord of the rings

  9. FallingRedRose says:


  10. Krakatoa94 says:

    Im losing my beloved girlfriend and this actually helped me to survive. Thumps up if you think this song makes everything clear and calm. :)

  11. ClaireenaBear says:

    You have the most beautiful voice, truly talented.

  12. skylinecapajev007 says:

    22 people lost in shadow…

  13. Lollipop417 says:

    I liked it better when Pippin sang it.

    But she sings it awesome too :o

  14. frixyboy1 says:

    if you sing this for real i would pray i was standing right for you to listen to you most beautifull voice

  15. EredLuin87 says:

    This. is. AWESOME!

  16. caffeinedelusions says:

    That was excellent.

  17. teifling1 says:

    wow, that is beautiful.

  18. NymphetamineAdina says:

    just perfect,2 words:goose bumps

  19. numinis7 says:


  20. Arekandera2007 says:

    Amazing! Beautiful and haunting :D Congratulations

  21. dedcap8 says:

    Anyone who doesnt like your voice is either deaf or just wants to be douche. Sing on.

  22. wakstaskate says:

    Hauntingly beatiful. Almost drives me to tears.

  23. SilenceAvenged says:

    beautiful. That is all I can say. Absolutely beautiful. Your voice is amazing., haunting. You preformed the song quite professionally, I am impressed. Be proud, you have talent.

  24. HubaClan says:

    Lyrics to the song:
    Home is behind
    The world ahead
    And there are many paths to tread
    Through shadow
    To the edge of night
    Until the stars are all alight
    Mist and Shadow
    Cloud and Shade
    All shall fade
    All shall

  25. SalixTree says:


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