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Pink Lady: “Monster”: circa 1980

From the fifth episode of Pink Lady & Jeff, Mie and Kei perform “Monster”

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  1. aegisofhonor says:

    The show was dead in the water with no chance in hell of success when in response to Krofft’s idea, Fred Silverman told Sid Krofft “no, that’s just too different, lets just do Donny and Marie”.

  2. aegisofhonor says:

    The show was dead in the water when Fred Silverman told Sid Krofft in response to Krofft’s idea “no, that’s just too different, lets just do Donny and Marie”.

  3. 3soyo says:

    マイケルのスリラーそっくりな笑い声が入ってないですね… あれがないとモンスターっぽくないです

  4. Neptuneman07 says:

    Pink Lady were talented, but this show was a major disaster on NBC. But it’s sad that it’s better than most current network programmes.

  5. guyverunit1 says:

    @Ramubay lol i thought the same thing when isaw this haha

  6. JeffB1959 says:

    @tcrichard : Quite an interesting idea there! Who knows! That might have worked!

  7. tcrichard says:

    If you compare the other pink lady and Jeff songs done in English. Atleast singing in Japanese they look a bit more comfortable, they should have been allowed to do more of there own songs, and it should have been the first American variety show to regularly use subtitles. Given the chance I think we would have loved them.

  8. yosimot6 says:



  9. stephenwood55 says:

    Utterly baffling.

  10. stephenwood55 says:


  11. airdaleva42 says:

    They still look good to me but what a train wreck of programming they took a ride on

  12. Devo13 says:

    Awesome but very Infra-Man inspired.

  13. GTBurns48215 says:

    This and Hello Larry was the beginning of the end of Fred Sliverman’s winning streak. Alt

  14. fromthesidelines says:

    Mie and Kei could not speak or understand a word of English- this is why Jeff Altman was “forced” upon them as host of their show, a la Tony Orlando [and Dawn]. Fred Silverman, NBC’s programming chief, was banking on “Pink Lady” to become popular variety show hosts in the tradition of “Sonny & Cher”, “Tony Orlando & Dawn”, and “Donny & Marie” [of which he also had a hand in creating]. What he got was a variation of what he did to “The Captain & Tennille” in 1976-’77….

  15. Ramubay says:

    From what I saw on YouTube, the TV show performances were not up to par. I guess they weren’t allowed to use their hit songs which was a big problem. Also, if they performed a mini-concert for the opening quarter of the show it would have been great (and lose Jeff of course) and then introduce guests and do the comedy bits with them. The idea of having that comic introduce the girls for 5 minutes and then give them a bad routine with bad backup dancers was unforgivable.

  16. JeffB1959 says:

    Heh! A pretty sad commentary on NBC these days, and that show was on the air 30 years ago!

  17. Ramubay says:

    KISS joins up with The Power Rangers and it turns out KISS is really hot asian chicks! AWESOME!!!!!!!! This is better than anything NBC has on the air right now.

  18. yoshibear1009 says:

    and the show died on this episode

  19. JeffB1959 says:

    Heh! Now that you mention it….

  20. WatchVenusSpa says:

    They look like Ace Frehley here.

  21. MJPL4LIFE says:

    “Goddamn juggernaut…” that’s a good one! And I’ve never watched “American Idol” because it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

    And this show “Pink Lady & Jeff” was the first I’ve heard of Pink Lady (when I was 6), and they are still beautiful to this day.

  22. MJPL4LIFE says:

    “Voltron”? Try “Tranzor Z” (another anime series that originated in Japan).

    Other than that, I totally agree with you.

  23. OctopussInPants10min says:

    At least a ton of Americans are able to look past the image created by the US television business, you know?

  24. SignifyingDonkey says:

    Agreed -those costumes look like Ace Frehley from Kiss. They took their wild nonstop dance steps and dumbed them down, and made them much more overtly sexy as well – cheesy.

  25. SignifyingDonkey says:

    You are dead right – they took all that was great fun about them and turned them into some Vegas Lounge act. All the other dancers just detracts from the energy they had between each other. The American show producers obviously didn’t understand why they were popular in Japan.

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