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Pink Lady: “Monster”: circa 1978

After watching the version of “Monster” from Pink Lady & Jeff which I previously posted, here’s the real McCoy from Let’s Go Young, circa 1978

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25 Responses to “Pink Lady: “Monster”: circa 1978”

  1. 89saffuan says:

    モンスター monsuta

  2. lurchthing says:

    like the beat

  3. AphroditeEros33 says:

    ~♥~Pink Lady was mon☆*^o^* i still can sing most of their songs lol Happy Halloween! Thanxoxoxo so much for posting & sharing (:~♥~

  4. fukuokakyushujapan says:

    they have many record in japan that have never broken by now.
    one of it was broken by morning musume。,but their record is now unbrakable.
    i was 4 or 5 yo at that fever,but i really remember their song and dance.
    feber never comes to japan like that time’ was too enormous.

  5. logamvsmetal says:

    pink lady – monster
    lady gaga – monster

  6. stlgtrace says:

    Back in the early 1980′s one of the top television technicians was asked to comment on the quality of television programing. His answer: “We’re like plumbers, we’re not responsible for what goes through the pipe”.

  7. kh3205 says:

    @krakenwave They lost weight, but not for the US show. It was simply from their hard schedule. They had lost their weight since they started their professional debut. They worked 6AM to 3AM everyday without any days off, with only one meal a day, for over two years. I am more amazed that they were still alive.

  8. krakenwave says:

    You can see here just how much weight they lost to do Pink Lady in the USA. There they looked emaciated.

  9. Zumyluvin says:


  10. hise1511 says:

    You Should listen in Malay Version from Malaysia….
    Sing by Sudirman Hj Arshad
    Title TOYOL ( greenmonster )

  11. MEGHAPSEY says:

    Hey, five months later, I am here! Your email did not show up, but I could PM you. I’m searching for the original Japanese text, so if I find it, I’m gonna translate it. If you’re still interested in the meaning, I’ll PM it to you when I do!

  12. EmoDeathStar121 says:

    A head of there time emm they sang other peopels songs they sang english disco songs and just re done them in japaness as most japaness people pafared that

  13. BeigeBomber25X says:

    Random tidbit of information: This song actually appeared in the 1978-1979 spiderman tokusatsu series (episode 11 I believe)

  14. mondocaneman says:

    Their TV show flopped!

  15. ScrabbleMonster1 says:

    I wish someone would translate this to English for me. I love this song so very much and really want to know the words. My email address is

  16. michbay2072 says:

    this reminds me of snsd

  17. jokyaku says:

    Singing and performing in Japanese in the U.S. in 1980- Pink Lady never had a chance from the git go.

  18. JeffB1959 says:

    That they were, my friend. That they were.

  19. fbebeats says:

    Pink Lady was ahead of their time..

  20. Junno20 says:

    Apesar de que estaban en los 70′s ya vestian bastante fashion, ese custom bien podría pasar como uno de los actuales de las morning musume

  21. JeffB1959 says:

    Punk with brass! I’ve never heard “Monster” described that way! HA!

  22. save3dollars says:

    This is like punk, but with brass!

  23. michaelicu says:

    God like perfection,I love Pink Lady, and I don’t understand anything but Monster. Awesome, Great, the most Beautiful woman in the world. I sure hope I can see them in heaven.

  24. edcb4832 says:

    well, in Hong Kong not many TV can see Pink Lady’s performance.

    thanks for sharing, otherwise, i couldn’t know such talented ladies.

  25. JacoDeLucia says:

    Certainly predates bands like Cibo Matto by a few decades.

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