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Pink Lady: “Boogie Wonderland”

Here’s a rare treat for Pink Lady fans! Mie and Kei, performing Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Boogie Wonderland” from the debut episode of Pink Lady & Jeff, a short-lived comedy-variety show from early 1980 that the girls shared with then (and now) little known comedian Jeff Altman
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25 Responses to “Pink Lady: “Boogie Wonderland””

  1. werpknarly says:

    omg… it just keeps going ! when will it stop !!!

  2. krsfromprp says:


  3. JeffB1959 says:

    @Zumyluvin : Yeah! That’s one way to put it! ^_^

  4. Zumyluvin says:

    SAD! But Endearing.

  5. sbarnes2011 says:

    So this was the era before pornification. I love it! It’s surprisingly refreshing to see dance moves that don’t include stripper-esque gyrating. Also, I don’t think any girls had fake boobs in that dance number, which you just don’t see these days.

  6. nj8ive says:


  7. ysbaddaden2003 says:

    Alice Cooper guested on this show.

    They expected him to send a tape like everyone else.

    Instead he showed up with his current band

    Cause he heard they had a Japanese buffet backstage.

  8. mula1968 says:

    @rbjnla m- Boy-oh-boyo-boy!! Anyone crass enough to call these grogeous women singing and those fantastic dancers (take a good look at those gams)- – -
    Well, I can tell you my friend … I sure as crazy don’t mind watching that kind of a train wreck!! You’re nutz.

  9. ItsumoKokoroniTaiyou says:


  10. jonnehboi08 says:

    Im reminded of bridget jones’ diary.
    “Wike a Wirgin”

  11. Shalady74 says:

    @mondocaneman Me too! 30 years ago, i watch every Friday nights until the show was cancelled.

  12. airdaleva42 says:

    Where did thye find all those dancing skanks?

  13. fundies2 says:

    @rbjnla i can relate. i used to ask everyone if they remembered pink lady and no one seemed to know what the heck i was talking about. guess that explains why the show lasted 6 episodes, if that.

  14. LeYLo136 says:

    @BroadwayBill im sorry, how is this disturbing?? its a performance.. -_-

  15. mondocaneman says:

    That TV show was a flop! I remember!

  16. mammatusofmystery says:

    @JeffB1959 OOps….wrong YT account…let it be known that 999manman made that funny remark!!!

  17. JeffB1959 says:

    @mammatusofmystery : HA! That was funny!

  18. mammatusofmystery says:

    @JeffB1959 They should have guested on Supertrain!!!

  19. JeffB1959 says:

    @999manman: That it did. Amazing, huh? Heh!

  20. 999manman says:

    This show lasted , what…6 episodes?

  21. airdaleva42 says:

    they were both born in hiroshima. ggess the radiation is still cooking the gene pool over there

  22. welchm8 says:

    Hoo boy…and network execs thought this would sell in 1980?? Thought it would hold its own on 1 out of 3 channels? This clip is very much like the programming on the foreign-language public access channel in my area. (Yes, by that I mean THIS style of music, but in the PRESENT day!) There are probably hundreds of native speakers who watch Asian variety shows like this, but no one else does. And the USA was less diverse 30 years ago too!

  23. iloveselenagomez1001 says:

    these chicks are hot

  24. JeffB1959 says:

    @rbjnla: Glad to have been of service! Heh!

  25. JeffB1959 says:

    @sierria64: Well, why not? HA!

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