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Pink Lady: “Boogie Wonderland”

Here’s a rare treat for Pink Lady fans! Mie and Kei, performing Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Boogie Wonderland” from the debut episode of Pink Lady & Jeff, a short-lived comedy-variety show from early 1980 that the girls shared with then (and now) little known comedian Jeff Altman

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25 Responses to “Pink Lady: “Boogie Wonderland””

  1. JeffB1959 says:

    @childofdemonicwind24 : How interesting! Considering how all sorts of TV shows are on YouTube these days, I’m rather surprised PL & J haven’t made the cut.

  2. childofdemonicwind24 says:

    @JeffB1959 Actually, i’ve looked all through YouTube for episodes of it. i’ve looked everywhere else too, and all i can find are small clips of it.

  3. JeffB1959 says:

    @childofdemonicwind24 : Well, you could try YouTube. There might be entire episodes available there for viewing.

  4. childofdemonicwind24 says:

    i wonder if there’s somewhere i could find the entirety of the show Pink Lady and Jeff online episode-wise…. i read about it in a joke book and have been trying to find it out of curiosity….

  5. supersporkspank says:

    This is so bad, it’s sublime.

  6. toucansam3 says:

    @NolitaDenise Damn you and your later bedtime. At least I got to wake up early on Sunday morning and watch infomercials not realizing they were infomercials, that now explains why the same program was on every week.

  7. NolitaDenise says:

    can’t decide if they’re making the American dancers look fat or if the American dancers are make them look skinny. meanwhile nobody on that stage is actually fat or skinny by today’s standards.

  8. NolitaDenise says:

    @toucansam3 – ha! mine was 8:00 got to watch 30 mins more crap than u back then :P .

  9. NolitaDenise says:

    @krakenwave – it’s not just that. it’s also that it’s a lot easier to lip sync to a foreign language than to speak in it and easier to sing than speak in it. If you look closely, one of them is singing a song called “Boogie Wonder Lamb” which sounds like a sounds like a Pixar movie title…I’m letting it go cuz I’m a j-hag who actually believes that engrish is the most adorable language on earth. Still that is what she’s singing.

  10. krakenwave says:


    Not really impressive considering that the camera pans away from them whenever the lyrics get any more complicated than er… “Boogie Wonderland.”

    But what is impressive is their energy and commitment considering how overworked and exhausted they were. No matter how shit the scene they still really sold it like true pros.

  11. ar4216 says:

    HaHa! This is horrible.

  12. SuperOmnicron says:

    @JeffB1959 …a miss, but an inspired one by NBC. Japan could save the auto industry, but television was another world…

  13. toucansam3 says:

    You mean I was alive when this was on? Thank goodness my bedtime in 1980 was 7:30.

  14. hughesjr says:

    This is just WRONG (LOL)

  15. ftsjr says:

    This was just one of several cookie-cutter variety series’ in the mid-late 70s. The two Japanese girls were cute but, supposedly, they could barely speak a word of English. So, their lip-synching here is actually pretty impressive.

  16. werpknarly says:

    omg… it just keeps going ! when will it stop !!!

  17. krsfromprp says:


  18. JeffB1959 says:

    @Zumyluvin : Yeah! That’s one way to put it! ^_^

  19. Zumyluvin says:

    SAD! But Endearing.

  20. sbarnes2011 says:

    So this was the era before pornification. I love it! It’s surprisingly refreshing to see dance moves that don’t include stripper-esque gyrating. Also, I don’t think any girls had fake boobs in that dance number, which you just don’t see these days.

  21. nj8ive says:


  22. ysbaddaden2003 says:

    Alice Cooper guested on this show.

    They expected him to send a tape like everyone else.

    Instead he showed up with his current band

    Cause he heard they had a Japanese buffet backstage.

  23. mula1968 says:

    @rbjnla m- Boy-oh-boyo-boy!! Anyone crass enough to call these grogeous women singing and those fantastic dancers (take a good look at those gams)- – -
    Well, I can tell you my friend … I sure as crazy don’t mind watching that kind of a train wreck!! You’re nutz.

  24. ItsumoKokoroniTaiyou says:


  25. jonnehboi08 says:

    Im reminded of bridget jones’ diary.
    “Wike a Wirgin”

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