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Physician Who Daleks vs Cybermen

Thank you to everybody who has watched this video it now has over 250000 views!!! WOW Doctor Who Daleks vs Cybermen
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Physician Who Daleks vs Cybermen”

  1. NoCutCard612 says:


    LOL!!! The Daleks outdid themselves with the one-liners in this one.

  2. TheBrickstuff says:

    and what is that

  3. Bo0nddOcK says:

    @MrDude826 Don’t be fooled. As cheap and stupid as the daleks look, they fucked up hundreds of species.

  4. ridicul8 says:

    the daleks are the ultimate trolls
    the doctor: no more daleks to deal with thank god.
    daleks: we’re not really dead you mad bro?

  5. Atomicskull says:

    The cyberman conversion happening offscreen made it much more disturbing then if they had actually shown it. Your imagination does a much better job at freaking you out than any special effects possibly could.

  6. MarkoOhNo says:

    They really needed to crossover with Star Trek in that episode & have The Borg show up for a three-way battle of the tyrannical cybernetic lifeforms. lol

  7. MarkoOhNo says:

    @Sephlock The muted part was probably something along the lines of: “Your mother was a toaster and your father smelt of elderberries!” lol I love how they practically resort to flipping each other off & bitch-slapping one another. :D

  8. stormidmiller says:

    There are 10 left at the end of season 4 but in this 1 there r 5000000

  9. DrHouseProductions says:

    Wow, there are still 33 cybermen out there?

  10. Sephlock says:

    What is being said by the Cybermen and Daleks while the Doctor and that lady are talking? The voices are too muted to hear…

  11. Sephlock says:

    They totally should have merged.

    The Daleks are pretty badass though.

  12. HarrypotterHP7 says:

    @Faeness Yea exactly, thanks alot, thank you at least there are some people that understand and yea it is stupid to blame a whole race for the acts so some individuals.

  13. Markel1970A says:

    “The human female’s heartbeat just increased.”

    “Yeah, tell me about it.”

  14. Markel1970A says:

    @Faeness Okay. I’m sorry.

  15. Faeness says:

    ” According to the United Nations conventions, there is no distinction between the term racial discrimination and ethnicity discrimination.” You are committing ethnic discrimination. You aren’t being patriotic, you’re being a nationalist. If you were to take every person who did a crime, take their heritage, and then kick those people out or kill them, you wouldn’t have anyone in the country. Either you need to do your research or heavily rethink the the nature of people.

  16. Faeness says:


    Gj. Don’t be riled up by shit like that. No matter what you say to people like that, they won’t change. It’s a waste of your time. Just keep being who you are…and I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with bullshit like that. Though I am not Muslim, I too have had to deal with racist stuff like that. Just because a few people of my color happened to do some shitty things, for some reason, it represents all of us as a whole. Kinda stupid.

  17. Triarity says:

    This is so camp and awesome at the same time. Like 60s Batman.

  18. AtlasRedux says:

    The “plunger” is some form of interface-unit to read everything from biological to electronic data and manipulate it. In other words, it can hack computers, and YOU. Or just absorb you.

  19. clementijordan says:

    The best smack talkers in the universe… Dalek.

  20. i3aden says:

    @MrDude826 i think you are better at dying

  21. rtozier2011 says:

    3.09 the length of time it takes the Dalek to say “4″ makes me wonder if the Cult of Skaro have a sense of humour.

  22. BigDamnHeroesSir says:

    “Five million Cybermen, easy. One Doctor… now you’re scared!”

  23. bolt12345100 says:

    For some reason I find it hilarious the way the Daleks say “EXTERMINATE!!!!!” xD

  24. Hakudohshi says:

    “Daleks have no concept of Elegance”
    “This is obvious”

  25. MrDude826 says:

    Why does the dalek have a plunger?? is its dump that big?
    I think the dalek is better at dying

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