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Photo Clayton Moore the Lone Ranger c1950

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1981 Television commercial featuring Clayton Moore, the actor who portrayed “The Lone Ranger” on American Television.

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7 Responses to “Photo Clayton Moore the Lone Ranger c1950”

  1. Brace67 says:

    Here was a great man playing a true legend. What a perfect fit. I grew up watching The Lone Ranger on TV. How I would have loved to have met Clayton Moore in person. If ever someone was born to play a role, he was the man.

  2. Lottoman17 says:

    @falkie2007 Thanks for your comment! I very much enjoyed reading about your opportunity to meet Mr. Moore! I can assure you, I would have reacted the same as the other adults meeting him! Clayton Moore was a genuine American icon!

  3. falkie2007 says:

    The company later recanted and allowed a legend to wear his mask again. But he never stopped being the Ranger that we loved. I got to meet him once in the 1980s. He was mobbed by 500 people ~ This for a man who had not been live on the series in years ! The adults were even more excited to see him than the children, as was I.

  4. FlaviaR says:

    @mlabot, I know I found it karmicly appropriate! :-) But I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Moore wasn’t man enough (in all sense of of the word) to be disappointed that new fans would not be drawn to the legend.

  5. mlabot says:

    @FlaviaR Bet that both Clayton Moore and his legion of fans were laughing when The Legend of the Lone Ranger tanked at the box office.

  6. spitfireJEJ says:

    @FlaviaR Absolutely right. A fine actor, and an even finer man.

  7. FlaviaR says:

    I find it wonderfully fitting that Clayton Moore managed to make money off the injustice done to him by that idiotic film company.

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