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Philo Farnsworth on I’ve Got A Secret

By the time television became a household appliance, the name of its inventor was sufficiently lost to the public that he could appear on a TeeVee game show in 1957 and not a soul would recognize him.

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25 Responses to “Philo Farnsworth on I’ve Got A Secret”

  1. SiSiHunting says:

    I am related to Philo Farnsworth :) hes my Great, Great, Great uncle

  2. romulusnr says:

    @SaveTheCroissants: Well, HDTV is 1080 lines. Though usually its actually only 720…!

  3. gannetripple says:

    But he didn’t invent television!

    Scotsman John Logie Baird (1888-1946) was the first person to demonstrate a working television system – on 26th January 1926, using mechanical picture scanning with electronic amplification at the transmitter and at the receiver. It could be sent by radio or over ordinary telephone lines, leading to the historic trans-Atlantic transmissions of television from London to New York in February, 1928.

  4. irishlore says:

    Only people like this that actually did something useful should be famous

  5. TOREN5611 says:

    dose anyone notice how smart all of the people are compared to people today?

  6. SaveTheCroissants says:

    He probably just assumed everyone already knew how to do something that _simple_. {Smiley Face}

  7. SaveTheCroissants says:

    Right at the end, He’s says he’s working on making TV’s with an excess of 2000 lines. That’s HDTV.
    Also he says he’s trying to make just a screen with the picture pasted on, that’s a flatscreen.
    And then, as if that wasn’t enough, he just casually drops the seed for digital cameras.
    This man was amazing!


  8. moproducer says:

    @romulusnr You’re confusing RCA’s consumer products with the broadcast arm of RCA. Both are owned by GE. While you are correct about RCA’s consumer products, the broadcast side is still very much the legacy of Sarnoff…you can’t ship that overseas (at least, not yet). And it’s still at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

    @TheOptimusprime9 After suffering through countless bullshit “And I’m A Mormon” episodes on Y-Tube, I see that finally one makes it for real…

  9. romulusnr says:

    @moproducer well, at least, RCA isn’t exactly around anymore. Not really, beyond just a brand name. Most RCA stuff these says is rebranded Japanese generic electronics.

  10. romulusnr says:

    @thebestanthe3rd On the other hand, he spent his time trying to invent even more things, rather than trying to become famous. Some people actually value contribution more than celebrity (which are diametrically opposed).

  11. romulusnr says:

    “We’re hoping to make television where the display is just the screen.” LCD.
    “We’re hoping that we can add memory and just paste the picture there.” E-Ink.
    “2000 lines instead of 525, in a smaller channel.” Well, HDTV is 1080 lines in a much smaller channel. Not quite 2000 yet although they are working on it — although “they” is the Japanese, not the US, sadly.

    Also, I was surprised he didn’t mention color television!

  12. thebestanthe3rd says:

    i feel bad for this guy he invented something every american uses and then fades away and receives no credit?he died with depression and didnt want any one to say the word television because it was so popular and he was a nobody.makes me wanna punch other people in the face..

  13. johng113 says:

    @usernameregrets I have seen a couple of years ago, 8K and 22.1 surround sound.

  14. bladder1010 says:

    So, the man who invented television gets wins $80 and a carton of smokes, while buffoons like Al Gore and Obama win Nobel Peace prizes worth $1.4 million each? No peace, but at least we’ve got TV.

  15. MykTheGreek says:

    Cave Johnson here.

  16. hakkujin says:

    So, Jersey Shore is his fault.

  17. MrFalconford says:

    @driver49 you heard what the man said most people didnt

  18. roquesand says:

    @Teflon65 me too, even the advertisements seem very similar (though they might have all been)

  19. roquesand says:

    @Gydinglight12 i can’t put links in the comment box, but it is one of the first suggested videos on the side-bar, uploaded by “GiveMeBlackandWhite”

  20. xiKUDx says:

    @NONSENSEchannel dumbass its 1957

  21. yazmac says:

    As interesting as this – while watching it I have an unusual craving for a Winston cigarette…

  22. usernameregrets says:

    check out 6:20, he’s literally talking about high definition. took them long enough haha

  23. WSenator1 says:

    @bobjfs – Steve deserved nothing but the best – and he got it!

  24. spactick says:

    @moproducer you got that right. they also stuck it to Armstrong, the fella who invented FM Radio and Short Wave and other things. Armstrong spent years fighting RCA and Sarnoff over patent rights.

  25. driver49 says:

    No, he is not working on an H bomb. He was working on CONTROLLED nuclear fusion – yes, the same nuclear reaction as an H-BOMB, but NOT an explosive release. If a fusor malfunctions, you lose the vacuum and the reaction stops. Read a book. Get a clue.

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