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Phil Silvers and Jack Benny

Jack Benny and Phil Silvers appearing on the Dick Cavett show.
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Phil Silvers and Jack Benny”

  1. WSenator1 says:

    Except for the Johnny Carson “Tonight Show,” this was my favorite late-night program. I almost made sure I saw it at least once a week when it was on.

  2. Cattwo12 says:

    Phil Silvers was so great…

  3. flaxonx3 says:

    Dick Cavett was the best of all time as he never saw himself as the star unlike some of the others. You remember his show for the guests not the interviewer as it should be.

  4. abc1000001 says:

    @Di0genesus Excellent comparison. Did you know that Frost did the Thrilla in Manilla fight. Why I don’t know.

  5. Di0genesus says:


    He’s America’s David Frost :)

  6. abc1000001 says:

    Dick Cavett’s charm should be bottled, it would be the greatest cure for insomnia.


    Phil Silvers is a complete and total genius.

  8. thoostorm4 says:

    @exile688 GREAT

  9. queenlvr46 says:

    “I’ll take his” – priceless!! Genius timing.

  10. jnmklo9 says:

    Great Candance – your dad is a legend.

  11. possibility13 says:

    Daughter of icon Phil Silvers, Candace Silvers keeps the genius of her father alive through her work with actors, writers and directors. To find out more visit call her studio at 818-781-8345

  12. superdavid002 says:

    I mention Benny on The Celebrity Song.

  13. 143AC says:

    To me..Phil Silvers was and still is funnier than Mr.Benny.

  14. biden1 says:

    Dick Cavett show was great

  15. tuxguys says:

    Masterclass: “Timing” 101.

  16. Nelsonhojax15 says:

    “i jumped 4 feet into a colonel’s arms….were married now” gotta love bob hope..

  17. 3Drichie says:

    The collection is available at Netflix.

  18. Gnillob802 says:

    You can buy it on Amazon

  19. wcotton says:

    Too bad they don’t provide the toll-free number at teh end.

  20. spiderlarry says:

    Good stuff, real legends.

  21. smscamp says:

    Sadly they do not televise shows like Benny and Bilko because of some attitude that the young people will not watch black and white.

    I only wish TCM, who shows classic films, would should such classic tv shows as well

  22. Monicapfan says:

    True treasure of a video! I liked Phil Silvers with Cornel Wilde in the movie A thousand and one nights

  23. tomkes100 says:

    TWO IMMORTALS JACK BENNY & PHIL SILVERS . oh we miss you guys. this tv film historian with his own website on films&stars of yesteryear and who knew 900 plus performers since 64 can tell you, these two men were GIANTS> THey sent me their autograohs with a handwritten letter that ill always cherish. you guys had CLASS something we dont see these days do we folks? Bkless your souls . TOMK a man who knows great comedy when he sees it.

  24. letsif says:

    Two giants.

  25. pierstheoneandonly says:

    Bilko was made in the 50′s mate.

    I remember them (except ‘I dream..’) when they were first run on brit tv in the 60′s though. Is that what you meant?

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